Is Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer that ever lived, as was stated at his funeral?

Asked by: Jasperodus
  • Without a doubt

    He's record speaks for itself. The awards, the album sales, the live perfomances. What can be said of a man whose dance skills were said to defy gravity itself. He was at the top of the charts with the release of every album he produced as a solo artist, and the mere addition of his voice to a track could turn that song into a hit. Michael was incredible!

  • No way! NO

    Guys, he wasnt even a good singer! Personally I don't like him. He doesn't sing good and he also even does drugs. Do you think a person that entertains is a drug attic? There are tons and tons of other people to look up to. He is not an entertainer.

  • Nope, probably no

    He was a total pedophile, and his music was meh. I would go as far to say that someone like Justin Bieber has made better music than him. I'm sure in 5-10 years Micheal Jackson will have fallen slowly into obscurity. Sure he sold a lot of records and stuff but peoples ears hadn't evolved yet, to understand what real music sounds like.

  • Who changed everything

    Before Elvis there was nothing, before anyone did anything Elvis had done everything. He has endued the test of time to become imortal, Jackson will only be remembered for his love of children and was transgender. Only originals last because copies are ten a penny, to sum up Jackson he just squealed whilst touching himself and relied heavily on the distraction of the background video.

  • No such thing

    There are more than one greatest singer because of all the different genres, I mean how can the king of pop be the best singer of country, or rock, or blues, or any other genre, but while he is not the greatest he is one of the best singers so the problem here is that the debate isn't specified enough

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