• Yes, she is.

    Michelle Obama has made a point to find out what as many of her constituents as she can want. Millennials make up a huge part of her constituents and she has made a point to learn what they want and what their interests in. This means she can relate to them and help them.

  • Obama is missing it.

    I don't think that Michelle Obama is in touch with millennials, or with most people in this country, at all. She has a privileged existence, and she seems more concerned about what kids are eating than dealing with the most important issues in our society today. Her own daughters attend a very expensive private school, so she just doesn't live like the rest of us.

  • I don't believe any politician is completely in touch with the millennials at this point.

    The Obamas have lived in the White House for a few years now and it is possible that they have become out of touch with the people who voted them in. There is a chance that Michelle Obama is not in touch with the young people. Of course there are other factors as well. Age and class play some roles in this.

  • Michelle Obama is not in touch with millennials

    Michelle Obama is not in touch with millennials. To say so would indicate that all millennials are democrats, bought into the system, and fans of the Obamas. Although some statistics say that up to 70% of millennials are democrats, it still isn't all of them. Mrs. Obama is not an icon for all youth.

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