• She has a good voice, just isn't using it right.

    Miley Cyrus does have a good voice and it's also kind of unique. The reason why I think a lot of people claim her to be "untalented" is because she makes music that doesn't suit her voice. Her voice is very country so it'd be perfect for country music but because she wants to make pop music, it doesn't sound all too right. But yes, I definitely think Miley Cyrus is talented in singing and in acting.

  • Is She Extremely Talented

    She was a very lovely voice and she's also a pretty good actress. She did a great job on SNL. Just because she's wearing weird outfits doesn't take away from her talent. I enjoy her music and I will continue to do so. I think she'll be around for a long time too

  • Someone that always relies on props and gimmicks instead of her own talents proves that she has very minimal talent.

    VMA music performances where her twerk moves and weird facial features shock gross out crowds. People tend to take her seriously as a true artist. Miley Cyrus makes the use of drugs look glamorous and cool instead of the harmful side affects and the toll it takes on ones self and the people around them.

  • No talent whatsoever.

    If she had any actual talent, she would not need to dress/act like a drunken prostitute. True talent comes from within and not from looks, attitude, or sex appeal. Her acting is mediocre at best and her singing sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She's only famous because of her father.

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