• Roblox sucks crap

    I think that roblox sucks because you have to pay like 400$ for a stupid pair of sunglasses and basically everything else is expensive. On minecraft you can customize your world and your player for free!!!!! Also roblox could cause cyber bullying and there is ODs and hackers and every video game players worst nightmare. Im ashamed i played roblox before. Minecraft also does updates and has a yearly convention. Roblox doesnt , does it?

  • Minecraft is more mature

    Roblox is for little kids. On roblox your will never see someone over 12 years old on it. All the kids on roblox are whiney babies that don't play minecraft because its to complex for them and survival mode is too challenging 4 them even on peace full mode. Even if they played min craft it would four sure be on creative because there used 2 getting every thing they want as soon as the want it on roblox games. Also even though roblox has millions of games about 99.9% of them suck.

  • Minecraft is freedom!

    I'm a creative person but when i play roblox you only have specific items
    but in minecraft you can make millions of things and lots of sizes plus you can get modifications! Which you can always explore. Also nearly all the games on roblox is killing and i don't like that! Plus minecraft is offline!
    Minecraft has more freedom!

  • Minecraft literally has no limits

    In Minecraft you can do ANYTHING. Even build a working 16 bit computer. And that is un-modded. When it is modded, there are hang gliders, cannons, anything roblox can come up with. You can even get POKEMON in Minecraft. Tell me that isn't better. Some people have even made entire cities. So yeah, you can do ANYTHING in Minecraft you can d in roblox. Did I also mention that roblox graphics look like deformed Legos? Well I just did.

  • Minecraft is better because

    You only have one payment that gives you the full game. It isn't even that much money. In roblox you have to buy 'bc' for the game to event be worth it. Roblox you have to play online, and minecraft you can play anytime. Minecraft has many updates and hackers are rare, and the devs on roblox seem to ignore bugs and hackers. People say Roblox is better because of the games, but Minecraft has many different servers to play the same games roblox has PLUS even more. Roblox just looks like crappy legos, and you have to buy all your clothing. Minecraft lets you create your own skin FOR FREE. Minecraft has mods that make it better to play, and roblox has none.

  • Minecraft is better :

    Here's why I believe why minecraft is better: minecraft has mods that even roblox doesn't have in its personal game, secondly there is a reason why they added days so you can have a day and night like in real life (survive the outdoors 'go figure') lastly, BEST SERVERS EVER

  • Minecraft: Unlimited Possibilities

    Not only can you include free texture packs (created by the people for the people) but various Modding packs ( Techninc, Tekkit, Feed The Beast, Hexxit etc.) but also an unlimited amount of servers. With regular updates and inclusions in the Minecraft world, Minecraft itself is an overall great game

    *side note, You don't see Roblocks with a yearly convention now do you?*

  • Minecraft and Roblox Comparison

    Personally, in my opinion minecraft is much better than Roblox. I shall now state evidence to this conclusion. I was first introduced to roblox when I was 9. A year later my cousin showed me the joys of Minecraft. I understood it much better and even learned to do better in school. Also, in Roblox you have to pay for every article of clothing your avatar is wearing. In Minecraft you can easily create a skin, showing off things Roblox probably won't have (Halo, Call of Duty, etc.) Also, say you play singk

  • Minecraft Is better

    Minecraft was made first and is better. You have to pay for it for a reason. ITS SOOO MUCH BETTER. Some people say Minecraft is only one game, but its tons of games. Try playing on server and on the PC not Xbox or the PE version. Although the PE and Xbox are still a lot better than Roblox.

  • Minecraft is better!

    Minecraft is better because you only have to pay $25 for it. Robox you have to pay $300 for OBC which is stupid. And a item is 400 robux which NBCers can't even get robux. When you trade 20 tix you get 1 robux. And roblox only cares about money. They don't care about NBC or BCers. They should just get rid of the game.

  • Better games, better building and coding, better dev community.

    I think roblox is better because of the better games in roblox. In roblox there are games that are very fun, such as Murder Mystery, Boys vs Girls Island wars, an much more. You can build more epic stuff, like a cat that can turn into a transformer, or a shapeshifting potion. Sure, maybe, if you made a mod, then do that, you might be able to do that, but then you would have to send everybody your mod, in order for them to play, then set up a server of your own, which cost's money, and THEN you would be able to do that (remember this is a theoretical mod, anyways, and you would have to be extremely fluent in java to even consider making it.) In roblox, there is a much better dev community, and their own official forum detected to just developing games. There are separate modding and server creating forums and communities for minecraft on the internet, but they aren't as good as the roblox ones. In roblox its FREE, which is epic because you don't have to spend money on a server to host your games. The reason why there is BC, is so roblox can pay for their servers that cost tens of thousands of dollars A DAY. If your not bc, you can still have 5 games, and buy stuff from the catalog too. If you think "roblox still sucks" go play the game. And I don't mean be a nooby guest, make an account, join the community, and develop your own game. Once you have a good game, and some good virtual currency, your bound to have some fun. You will also learn Lua Framework coding, that can be put to good use in getting a job in later life. I hope you don't rage at me and call me a -9999 year old, like someone did to me. And If your here and didn't read this, read the article. C: Thank you!

  • Roblox is better!

    You can script more in Roblox! It's more creative! Plus better graphics! Community is not at all as bad as they say, I am veteran and have met really nice people. It has RPGs sandbox games, comedy games, and epic games like The Stalker. One really cool one is Skybound. Skybound is about having planes and fighting each other with cannons or personal weapons! Roblox is free. I am a BCer but have been NBCer for half of time. The hats that are actually cool are cheap like the ninja mask at 80Tickets(Lowered from 120) In this really cool game called Sandbox where you can build a lot VIP only costs 120 tix or 13R$. I have all four and bough first two being NBCer. BC is only 5.95 monthly, and I used my R$ in hats that actually look cool and Roblox 2.0 Package. Roblox has CFraming which is not possible in Minecraft.

  • No competition in my opinion.

    In Roblox, there are just so many more availabilities in terms of scripting and building. While Roblox has thousands of various games, if I remember correctly, Minecraft has about 3 different game modes. Also, I honestly don't see the point of Minecraft. If you just stay in your house the whole day, you'll be fine. In Roblox, there is actually a goal in 95% of the games. In Roblox, you can build what ever you want on Roblox Studio, while in Minecraft, you have to find pathetic materials to build anything, including a house, from which, if your house happens to be made of wood, you are a laughing stock and will be bullied. Yet, if your house is made out of (VIRTUAL) diamond, people basically accept any command you give them, for you will be regarded as 'wealthy' in a virtual world. One particular better trait in Roblox, is the fact that you don't have to fight for survival the second you leave a building/shelter/house.

    In conclusion, Roblox is better without a doubt.

  • Minecraft lags way more!!!

    I first got roblox half a year ago and it has only had brief lag, but when I got minecraft, even the first time I went onto it, it lagged so bad I couldn't even kill one zombie because it kept freezing in certain places, and I have a modern PC.

  • Really? Really? REALLY?

    Battling between Minecraft and Roblox is just stupid. Minecraft and Roblox are as good as any game. Anyone likes them. Even I do. I don't know whats wrong with being a Minecraft fan and just playing Roblox when i want to. You can decide if you like Roblox or Minecraft because lots of others just play them both just to have fun.

  • Minecraft is way better.

    Well, ROBLOX is okay, but Minecraft is better in my opinion. First of all, people type in all capital letters, and to most it is annoying. Second of all, there are many bullies on ROBLOX. People's feelings get hurt. Third of all, There are hackers and scammers (Yeah, they're everywhere.), and they go into games and try to scam people with "Hey, want to know how to get free robux?" Also, people curse and say bad words a lot, It's like...Non-stop. And people do inappropriate things and post inappropriate games, with people being completely naked. And... There's all this Builders Club crap. And it costs a lot, and never has any sales. Certain users cannot join groups because they are not Builders Club (BC.) Same with games. Some games are BC-only games. It's annoying. Some people can't purchase Builders club, but they want to play the games. Last of all, Robux can be too expensive... Like I said, nothing ever has sales.

  • Wow. This is still happening?

    Again, here's my opinion on this. ROBLOX has no limits what so ever. If you can script if you think about it you can do anything in that game. ROBLOX updates way more than minecraft and is more out and about.
    Yes, ROBLOX does have hackers,but as I said before every game can be hacked. Minecraft so popular because of it's youtube fame and its on Systems like PS3 and XBOX, but think about it. What do you do when you find everything and kill the Enderdragon, it gets boring eventually. ROBLOX has new games coming out almost every week to do. It also has more of a community than minecraft. When I first got Minecraft I was like, how do i do any of this? I think it takes FOREVER to learn every single crafting item in that game because there's so much. I only know about a third of things to make in that game. I think this should have ended a while ago. This is like comparing Mario to Halo. The only thing they have in common are there fame on the internet. And it is true that Minecraft is a little bit laggy. But im not saying its a bad game at all, i'm just mad that every single person here is complaining about BC and NBC. You guys should focus on gameplay and not money.

  • Minecraft Between ROBLOX?

    You can't really compare both, because both games have a different purpose to serve, to entertain the gamer/person. I really don't mind playing both, because there both different and fun. I say NO, because none is better, it's just what you like and what your heart wants you to play. People who make these forum are just wanting to create a fight with ROBLOX fans, and MINECRAFT fans, and make RAGE, causing people to keep cursing at you. I ignore those people, because it's a waist of my time. Oh well, hopefully people will learn the truth about these 2 pc games, eventually.......

  • ROBLOX Is way better then minecraft

    Minecraft gets boring after a while, But on ROBLOX you can get different sky's and you can get a weather script. ROBLOX also has better graphics Minecraft is just Squares. Plus on Minecraft its just day 1 day 2 day 3 and on witch makes it REALLY Boring. ROBLOX has better games and better GUIs.

  • With Roblox You Can Build With More Detail

    Minecraft is ugly and blocky. You need a fast computer to get enough fps for the game to be both pretty and not laggy. If you haven't played Roblox recently, you should. They have improved their graphics with dynamic lighting and shadows. And the game isn't limited to just huge square blocks. There are beautiful builds that can't be built on Minecraft due to the detail in them. And besides, building things bigger isn't a good compromise. I mean, building something such as an oven as huge as a mountain just for detail is stupid. When you can go on Roblox and build it life-size to your character with the same amount of detail. Plus, it is much faster!

    As a closing statement, I really suggest you play Roblox if you haven't checked it out since 2010 or before. If you're imagining the graphics like that, phht, yeah, minecraft's graphics would be better. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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Roblox bans you for no reason.