Is Minecraft really worth the amount it costs?

Asked by: enderpotato
  • You can practically do anything in minecraft.

    Maybe sometimes you need to install mods or texture packs, but that is really easy. Plus, compared to most other sandbox games of its size, minecraft is incredibly cheap. Plus it has over 779,054 lines of code. That is a heck ton for only $26.95. If you dont like this cost then go get minecraft on your phone or tablet or ipad. It only costs 7 - 8 dollars on there.

  • There are not many fun games in mincraft

    I have played mincraft once and the spiders were to kill and the myltiplay games were foul. It should be loward because my sister loves the game but she can't afard the money so in conclusion it should be loward so more people can play it and then more people can have fun

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