Is minimalism (barefoot running) better for your health than regular running?

  • It's naturally better.

    Humans seem arrogantly focused on proving themselves to be better than nature. But, no matter what we do, we still find ourselves limited by the laws of physics and human traits. The truth is, the common shoe is absolutely terrible for your feet. Humans may not be meant to drive cars, or use ovens, or even have electricity. This does not mean we can't use them. Likewise, the concept of shoes is something that can be used to great benefit, provided they are designed carefully.
    Unfortunately, shoes were developed without the human body in mind. Having been a minimalist for years by this point, I've discovered that when going barefoot/minimalist I have far less foot/leg/back pain as opposed to when I'm wearing the standard type of shoe.
    I find it very hard to believe that such things are beneficial to the human body. Sure, there may be industry studies that show benefits, but there are an even greater amount of studies showing just how bad shoes can be. Because of this, I choose to go barefoot, and I feel strongly inclined to show the benefits of doing what nature intends.

  • Barefoot Better For Your Health

    Yes, barefoot running is better for your health than regular running in shoes. This is due to the fact that most shoes do not bend properly to the curvature of the foot, and thus cause foot and knee problems over time. Therefore, barefoot running is certainly better for your health.

  • Running Is Running

    I do not believe barefoot running is better for your health than regular running. The main purpose of running is to improve health, stamina, and well being. Running, either barefoot or with shoes will provide the exact same benefit. There is no reason to believe that properly fitted running shoes will cause harm, therefor one or the other is not better.

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