• McConnell out of Touch with Todays Constituents

    Mitch McConnell, like so many in his party, view the world with an attitude that was better suited in the mid-1900's rather than 2016. His inability to cooperate, his inability to see other sides of the issue--even those within his own party, have proven to the populace that his thinking and his beliefs are entirely out of reach with modern Republicans.

  • Yes, Mitch McConnell is very out of touch with voting Republicans.

    Yes, I feel that Mitch McConnell is out of touch with voting Republicans because he was booed at the Republican National Convention. In addition, his work in Congress is not appreciated by many Republican voters. As I am not Republican, it doesn't make a difference to me, but based on voters' behavior towards him, he is out of touch with what they want.

  • Yes, voting Republicans show frustration with Mitch McConnell

    During both appearances at the Republican National Convention, Mitch McConnell was greeted by a robust round of booing from the audience. He has not shown adequate support for presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and has a history of being a fence sitter, which has frustrated many of the conservatives who are seeking a more stern stance on the issues, someone who will uphold the values of the Republican party with more fervor. He has a history of being lukewarm and falling short of the expectations of his post.

  • Yes, the old guard has lost touch with the monster they created

    The elites within the Republican Party have encouraged populist outrage for decades against what they decribed as "rich liberals who want to tax you to death and tell you what to think." This has backfired spectacularly in the last few years. Mitch McConnell thinks he can continue with business as usually, his base disagrees.

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