• Modern is awesome

    Modern homes are perfect for people who live alone. Modern homes don't feel scary. Historic homes feel so scary that i would refuse to live in one. Traditional homes are too bland. Mediteranean and tuscan homes are way too fancy. Some homes are so bland that they don't feel like home at all, builder ceiling fans (except for when they dont look like builder ceiling fans), sliding windows, high ceilings and white appliances combied are so bland that it is ridiculos.

  • Anonymous is basing their whole opinion on personal preference in homes.

    Traditional is better. It is time proved, as the things that were not advantageous to society already had time to fall into disuse.
    Dedicating a paragraph to houses, it is true, fashion changed and there are old houses that are not comfortable anymore. But ditching them just for being "traditional" and you do not like their style, finding it scary, is plain wrong. But that is the thing with fashion, it changes.
    On the other side, there are things that are better left unchanged. Take traditional morals, for example. They are a time proven ethic code that is good for society, as several generations proved.
    "Traditional" does not mean "outdated".

    Posted by: Rafe

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