• Modern Day Feminism is a joke.

    The initial movement of Feminism was to promote equality between males and females. But similarly to the Black Lives Matter movement, this movement has become distorted and their idea is now "Females are superior." instead of "Females are equal."
    All of their worthless insults toward the male population are only making Modern Day Feminism more entertaining than meaningful, and only gives them a worse reputation.
    The Modern Day Feminism movement will not ever progress, because males will never admit that females are superior. If Modern Day Feminists would argue that they'll be quiet when males admit that they are equal, then they would've stopped talking years ago.
    Getting males to agree that females are superior is the same as getting women to vote to repeal Women's Suffrage (women's right to vote), which will never happen unless women are willing to vote to lose the right to vote, which will almost certainly never happen.
    Until Modern Day Feminism can revert to the original idea of Feminism (females are equal to males), then this movement is irrelevant, and even if they do revert, their ideas won't be heard by the majority.

  • Turn it down a little!

    A few days ago I found in the news that there were going to change the little red and green man in the pedestrian lights to a female one. There have been crazy outbreaks of feminism that are wasting money and even the government doesn't understand that not all victims of family violence are female.

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