• Absolutely. Post-modern, lifestyle -our music, our ethics (or, lack of), our disconnectedness...From face- face- conversations are making us lazy - stupid machines.

    The more we have advanced technologically, the lazier we have gotten in terms of moving around, making time for conversations in families, among friends, and within institutions. As a teacher, technically, I could go about my job on an average day, without needing to have a single adult conversation since all exchanges are through group emails. If I used power-point, frequently for most lessons, I could even avoid facing my forty students or so per class. For this reason, I find it more personable to lecture in front of the class, share ideas and lessons with students facing each other, and engage learners in active listening, empathic discussions, and synergistic as well as kinesthetic activities. Otherwise, we may lose the art of deeper understanding between individuals and socio - cultural...Groups.

  • Lack of real life communications similar to the older days

    We are now too preoccupied with who said what on Twitter and who posted what on Instagram. This has become our way of communication and the current generation's primary concern. When people want to meet, they now spend about five months digitally communicating to get to know each other. Relationships are based on Skype, digital photos and text messages. No matter what, it is not the same as real-life interactions like laughter, eye contact and physical affection. We are most certainly seeing a decline. Media has brought us closer in the sense that everyone knows what everyone is up to at all times. Unfortunately, technology has come to replace a large number of our face-to-face communications.

  • No, I think modern technology is making us LESS lonely, not more lonely.

    The advent of modern social media such as Facebook has afforded people a unique opportunity for reaching out to many people all at once, something which I have found to be personally beneficial on more than one occasion. For example, there have been several times recently when I was sick and unable to leave my house. I could have called someone, but it was late and I didn't know who would be up and who would be willing to talk even if they were up. So, I simply posted a status message about what was happening and how I was feeling, and within minutes I received encouraging responses from several good friends. It made me feel much better. That would never have been possible without the benefits of modern life.

  • Modern life isn't making us lonely, our inability to adapt is.

    I think it's really more like this. It's not like everything is getting more modernized, I think certain areas of society are and others are trailing behind. And these inconsistencies are what make modern life not work. If we tried to adapt and welcome the future, I don't think anyone would be lonely at all.

  • Lonely is just lonely

    No, I don't believe modern life is making us lonely. Someone is likely to feel lonely regardless of what day and age we are living in. Lonely is what lonely is. People should actually feel less lonely in this modern life because of social media and the fact that we are more connected than ever.

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