Is Modern Medicine Better than Traditional Medicine?

  • Many "chemical" medicines are derived from botanical sources, initially.

    Many aren't and are entirely man made. Taking these together, it is clear that the number of illnesses and diseases treatable and curable by "chemical" medicines is far greater than herbal alone. Also, herbal are actually quite expensive, particularly given the comparatively limited number of hoops they are required to jump through to get to market. In my opinion, herbal medicine is not better then chemical medicine. Herbal medicine is often times an effective alternative to chemical medicine. However it is my belief that chemical medicine is more effective at healing and treating illness then herbal medicine. Chemical Medicine is advancing to become better each and every year.

  • It's easier to take a pill, than wait for a miracle

    Alternative medicine has a high risk due to inexperienced practitioners while on the other hand traditional medicine have been clinically trailed and tested on the future side effects not only to help in a persons health but also life style later on and his society, so therefore it is more guaranteed than herbs and whatsoever.

  • Modern Vs. Traditional Medicine

    Modern medicine works in a fast and effective way. Modern medicine is also very flexible. With modern medicine you can store it and have it household were as traditional medicine is not house held and usually not storable. Also modern medicine saves thousands of lives in trauma situations where traditional medicine medicine fails. Modern medicine can treat long-term disease much quicker and with less side effects as traditional medicine.

  • Modern Vs. Traditional Medicine

    Modern medicine works in a fast and effective way. Modern medicine is also very flexible. With modern medicine you can store it and have it household were as traditional medicine is not house held and usually not storable. Also modern medicine saves thousands of lives in trauma situations where traditional medicine medicine fails. Modern medicine can treat long-term disease much quicker and with less side effects as traditional medicine.

  • Ayurveda medicines consists of poisnous substances.

    Traditional medicines are also said to contain high toxic elements. A large amount of toxic substances are found from the traditional medicines. These poisnous substances involve arsenic,mercury,lead etc. Several cases of poisoning by traditional medicines are being reported all over the country. Thus traditional medicines are bad and i would not mind using it. IT IS JUST ME and my decisions...........

  • Modern medicines are guaranteed.

    Modern medicines are tested scientifically and are proved to work for sure. They are also found out to be a success. But this is not the case regarding the traditional medicines. Since the traditional medicines are not guaranteed fake products are also emerged in the market. These products have high adulteration and also unexplained products in it which is harmful for us. This does not occur in modern medicines as they are emerged under scientific research. Thus modern medicines is better than traditional medicines.

  • Modern Medicine is Better than Traditional Medicine.

    Modern medicine is tested by science and it is proven to work within certain statistical boundaries. Traditional medicine has not been tested scientifically and it is not certain that it will work. Although it is possible that certain traditional treatments can be beneficial, they need to be tested with scientific experiments.

  • Modern medicine better than traditional medicine

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  • Yes it is good

    I think it is better because you cannot trust any of the "babas" or "vaids" making Ayurveda medicines. You never know what they mix in it but modern medicines are tested and certified. Rather they are also better because we just have to swallow the tablet with water or have a syrup and it effects faster.

  • Effectiveness of modern medicine

    Modern medicine is effective because patients are given medication with specified doses. Whereas traditional medicine is based on assumptions. In modern medicine tests are done and treatment procedures are carried out under safe and hygienic conditions. In modern medicine, side effects of medication are established whereas in traditional medicine side effects of concoctions are not known

  • Inorganic, effects, contain drugs

    Modern medicines are inorganic and they have chemicals as in contrast to traditional medicines....Its just like a fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers are good at first point but slowly they show their effects and slowly kill the plant. They have drugs and they slowly deteriorate our health be it plant or humans........

  • I'll agree with thou shall do no harm".

    Thankful for doctors that know what they're doing. But it's God that does the healing and he has provided for us a natural way to go when we can. God put those natural remedies out there for us. When we go the phamacia (the bible talks about it) route, you get more than you bargain for...One drug has to try to cancel out the side affects of another. For desperate situations use the doctors, but for overall wellness and trying to keep yourself well I would like to go natural and not support the pharmaceutical industry. That's just the tip of the iceburg on the subject though and much more could be said.

  • "Thou Shalt Do No Harm"

    First of all, I'd like to thank modern medicine for all the people in the E.R they have saved and in that aspect modern medicine has been fantastic in rescuing our loved ones.

    However, we are talking about modern medicine. What is modern medicine? Modern medicine is drugs.
    Drugs are unnatural, they harm us. How many doctors really know nutrition? They are taught to administer drugs. Biggest company in the USA ? - Pharmaceutical company. It's all a game.
    Do we really need medicine for a flu, cough or fever? No.
    Natural healing is the way to go.

  • Medicine Not Keeping up with Illnesses

    Modern medicine helps with the illnesses that have been known and around for some time, but we have poisoned our world such that new illnesses are cropping up every day. And if you are unfortunate enough to have one of those illnesses, you're likely to spend years and a significant investment searching for a diagnosis and trying to get your illness treated, only to discover the doctors didn't really know what they were dealing with anyway.

  • I think modern medicine is great, but I think we look too far into modern medicines for help.

    Modern medicines aren't totally better than traditional medicines, or even herbal medicines, for that matter. With the recent onslaught of class action law suits against modern drug manufacturers, I think that modern ones have not had the time and effort put into testing, as much as many of the tried and true drugs and medicines on the market. Just because something is cutting-edge, it doesn't make it better. It is up to the consumer to decide.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Massive Side Affects

    The typical finding in modern medicine is Thimerosal (organic mercury) and several other harsh chemicals that cause neuronal damage and toxicity. On the other hand, herbal treatment is completely natural and has been tested for many years and shown to cause little if no bodily harm. Herbal treatment has also been becoming more widely available for people to use so almost all symptoms can be suppressed if one is using mere herbs to treat oneself. Similarly, acupuncture, which has been tested for over 3000 years, has been shown to actually deactivate the pain centers of the brain without using the placebo affect (as several studies have shown), while not causing any further neuronal toxicity compared to Pain Relievers. For these reasons, I support that natural, herbal treatment and acupuncture, once combined, is of much higher worth than the large majority of modern medicine (that is not herbal or acupunctural).

  • Modern Medicine can not correct the root cause but the effects only

    The main cause of each and every disease is remains in the gene. A perfect health or acid - base balance or equilibrium or homeostasis is kept in our body by different types of protiens with the help of brain. There are a lot of problems causing imbalance in protien management of gene. That should be corrected to CURE the disease not the end result. By administering different types of synthetic chemicals in to our body the symptoms only can be suppressed, the root cause remains there as such. These chemicals again deteriorates the acid base balance in our body causing appearance of more violent diseases. But HOMOEOPATHY re establishes the proper acid base balance in our body

  • Modern medicine ineffective

    Modern medicine makes you more ill with all of its dangerous side effects. These dangerous side effects cause people to make another visit to the doctor's office, only to be prescribed more drugs. Modern medicine is an endless cycle of profit rather than about saving peoples lives. Why do we live in a world where profit is placed above health?

  • The altinatives to modern Med's are overall better.

    Focusing on the brain, there are a lot of methods used as a way to get substances into the brain, but most are likely to have bad side effects, since it allows other pathogens a opportunity into the brain. This of coarse is based on info into the workings of medications like Ritalin. I must stress however that I am no expert and base my beliefs on what I do know. Modern medication very nessicary, but I prefer more natural ways. The placebo effect is one of many none chemical ways currently being explored. A very inaccurate example of where I believe natural ways are better is at a look at antidepressants. Though there are a lot of cases were these drugs are necessary and important, but in times were a mild depression is curable or controllable by actual old school physical and mental exercise. I believe society has conned us into believing it is the only way. We seem to be ready to grab the 'quick fix' where the longer path is a lot safer. I am a seventeen year old south African if that in any way influences what you think.

  • Money makes the world go round. Modern medication relies on money.

    We see the commercials all the time on TV. Take this medication for "input disease here." then proceed to list off 30s to over a minutes worth of side effects. Hmm sounds like a great medication I better ask my doctor! How do you know if they are doing it to help you or just to make money. Doctors wanted to prescribe me anti depressants that were much more harmful than good. Thank God I did my research before taking those horrible pills. If someone is depressed you don't prescribe them a pill that masks the problem. Maybe they just need to talk to someone about there problems and find out the cause.
    Also to the people saying the medication is tested and proved to work. Half the tests they do start on lab rats before humans. Think of that when you swallow your pills

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