• There is plenty of good music today.

    You just have to look for it. Really, I'm sick of all these twelve year olds saying "Waaaah why wasn't I born in [insert time here]? All modern music is crap! Waaaaah!" It's amazing that such an unfounded viewpoint still exists today. You want good music? Then freaking look for it. (DDO won't let me say the word I want to. Damn censoring.)

  • Good music has changed, but never has left

    It is a natural human phenomena to think that music was better back in the day. This is because you don't listen to any of the garbage that came out back then anymore, therefore you don't remember it and you only remember the best songs. With modern music, you hear the garbage every day which is why it seems that music was better. You are comparing the best music of previous decades to the worst music of today. I guarantee you if you went back to the old days and asked someone, they would say all of the music of their time was awful.

    On the other hand, while there is plenty of trash in the music industry, accounting for usually around 30 of the top 40 songs each week, there still is plenty of good music to go around, you just have to look harder. Occasionally some really really good songs come out, like for example All of the Lights by Kanye West, The Show Goes on by Lupe Fiasco, Chandelier by Sia, Rap God by Eminem, and See You Again by Wiz Khalifa. I call these songs golden nuggets because you have to shovel through a lot of crap to find them, but they are gems of the music industry.

  • Modern music is good

    For every year and decade you will find good music and bad music, some people like to focus on the negatives, everyone also as their own opinions on what is good and bad. Opinions are what make music great. The simple lyrics people complain about with pop artists aren't always there, listen to lorde. Folk music and indie is amazing, try the likes of Keaton Henson. Ella Fitzgerald never wrote her own songs but she was great, so why is it such an issue that Beyoncé doesn't write her own music.

  • Modern popular music is bad

    I think that modern popular music is bad because it has lot of bad words in it such as in the hiphop, but classic don't have any of it and gives us peace while listening to the music. However, k-pop is always loud and it only tells about the love story that they had, but classic describes the composer's mind. These are some good points about the classical music.

  • The majority of music creation in any time period is substandard garbage

    Time is the great equalizer and filter. Most of the music being created in the time of Mozart was low quality drivel (take a look at his father's dreadful keyboard works for example), as is most of the music being created today. The passage of time narrows the amount of music that is retained, listened to and celebrated. The cream tends to rise to the top and the crud is quickly forgotten (thankfully). This is known as the "Music Canon". The further back in time you go, the smaller the canon becomes (for example, very little music of the middle ages has been retained in the canon). There is always great music being created in any time period, although such is but a minor fraction of the total output of music creation. If I had to be critical of present day current popular music, it would be that so many songs I hear on the radio are comprised entirely of 4 or less triads (chords). From the perspective of a classical composer, this is cave-man/chimpanzee level sophistication. One last point - whether the correct music of a given time period is canonized or not is of course is a separate issue. I am referring to the problem of understanding/ascertaining who determines the canon. It is a flawed and complicated process in itself.

  • Music is on decline...

    There was a time when even popular music was musical settings of classical literature, or at least had classical-sounding lyrics. That was when my Dad was a kid. Even if the melodies and harmonies were not particularly imaginative, you can still enjoy the lyrics.

    These days, the most popular songs have simple motifs, meaningless lyrics and no creativity. There is no thematic development, the lyrics are mostly about relationships, and they just repeat the same stuff over and over, as if they dozed off in their third-grade music class right after their teacher mentioned 'repetition' and just before she mentioned 'imitation'. Like cludwig said... A lot of them repeat a few chords over and over. Yiruma, for example, is very good at CTRL+C CTRL+V... I don't understand why anyone would want to listen to a piece of music when there isn't an ounce of creativity in it. In a word, modern pop is boring.

  • That's a Complicated Question

    The majority of popular music is typically popular because it is the least complex and applies to the widest audience base. We like songs because our brains are wired to treat music like a puzzle. The easier the puzzle is to figure out, the more we like that particular puzzle. This is why the most popular songs are frequently catchy and repetitive; they are made so that the largest amount of people can understand the musical concepts within them. Alternatively, the more complex a musical piece is, the more difficult it is to understand, and the fewer people that will appreciate it. This is why revolutionary songs or complex musical scores are seldom considered popular, even if they are extremely well written.

  • F*** modern music

    Of course at the end of the 90s, autotune was created, which began to be more and more used overtime. Now every song has to for some reason use it. To become a famous artist today, all you need is money. No, you don't need to have a good voice anymore. I am a teen, so all of the people who I talk to love that crap. My selection of music is somewhat old, I like classic rock from the 60s and seventies, and I like the surf rock from the 60s. All of those artist back then are talented, they worked hard for years to produce there music. For example, Dick Dale, "King of The Surf Guitar" produced Miserlou in the 60s. Now we have the Black Eyed peas with the exact same instrumental music, but with lyrics and autotune. Now dick dale still performs and he almost in his 80s, and he is still better than any modern artist for playing his classic surf rock. What is also up with modern radio? So many stations play on the loop loop the exact same pop or country songs. I am lucky to find some station that will play classic music from the 90s and before. This generation messed up music forever, It won't be repaired. Hope all you people who love the pop music today enjoy listening to a robot, it isn't that different than today.

  • Popular music is not good

    "Good" music is up to your personal opinion, but usually the popular music if boring, not creative and repetitive. Any artist wants their music to sell. Popular music and popular artists look at popular works and try to imitate them. The "popular music" rarely is creative or different. Popular music typically consists of one genre, pop. There are many good artists today to create good music that is different and creative, but the music that is considered popular is not good.

  • Modern popular music is bad

    I think that modern popular music is bad because it has lot of bad words in it such as in the hiphop, but classic don't have any of it and gives us peace while listening to the music. However, k-pop is always loud and it only tells about the love story that they had, but classic describes the composer's mind. These are some good points about the classical music.

  • Yes and no

    This is a really hard question.
    I think that music isn't how it used to be. Nowadays music(especially things like rap) isn't as good as it once was. And a lot of music has bad meanings too. But,at the same time there is good music on the radio too.

    So yes and no. There is some good "popular" music,and there's some bad "popular" music.

  • This is totally subjective, obviously, but...

    I feel like music keeps going more and more downhill; popular music that is. There are many great artists that continue to make great music today, but they are not in the mainstream or have a small following. Music is definitely being done more and more on computers, which upsets me as someone who plays music. Seems pretty soon musicians will be on par with software engineers and computer programmers.
    I read an article a while back stating that lyrical composition of popular songs on average has gone down considerably since the 2000's. That is, the grade level of writing they are doing is now about at 1st-2nd grade level, where it was 3rd-4th during a prior study. That's not to say that songs need to be lyrically complicated, but this does become apparent when you hear songs that shout super simple choruses over 2-3 chords or notes over and over again. So much gets lost when you cater to the masses. Instead of finding an audience of people who like what you have to say, it's become more of liking music just because it's on the radio and being played everywhere you go.
    Sadly, popular music is nothing much more than a corporate conglomeration. They put out music to make as much money as possible. They don't like to take many chances with changing a sound, so labels will only allow artists to put out music that sounds like everything else, because that's what has sold in the past.
    It's a shame.

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