• Money can buy you happiness

    Where is the happiness in having a loved one but you don't have money to fulfill her dreams or even make her happy. The truth is money can buy anything even happiness. If you have money, you can enjoy your life, you can do whatever you want, you might even find new friends by visiting places. Money is ultimatum!.. Even if you have no love in your life but have unlimited money you can atleast be happy by satisfying your needs!...
    Love and affection will hurt in the future, it ends but if you have money till your death you will atleast live your life!

  • Money is important.

    Money is important. Without money you can't buy your favorite things or live in a normal life. True love? Friendship? It will only lead to sad endings and you can't bring that to the bank and make you happy. Money makes me happy because of these things and nothing more.

  • Money money money

    Without money you always worried about paying bills, keeping a roof over your head and living a comftable life, and with money you can have complete peice of mind knowing you have it all and never have to worry about anything, with money you can own a home, you don't have to rent, drive a good car, travel, and never worry about not being able to afford things and live a comftable carefree life. Money is KING.

  • Money brings peace

    Money can make one go on holiday enjoy life, able to help those who r in the need of it and it will reduce comparison of other people's pockets. Money brings peace and prosperity and makes one feel totally independent. It makes one feel that u cant lack anything and u can live ur life freely without any1s criticisms, and orders from all kinds of weirdos :P

  • More money, more happiness.

    Money is the basic need in our lives. Without money life is impossible on Earth. Money should only be earned through hard work. It makes everyone happy including you. The people around will appreciate your work, which makes you feel proud. You could even give gifts to others to make them happy. When they feel happy, you feel more happy. More money gives us joy and happiness but lack of money gives us pain and problems. That is why the more money you have the better life you can lead and you will also be happy.

  • Everything but money

    I should be happy. I have a great husband and a beautiful daughter. But I'm not, I'm depressed because we don't have enough money to meet our basic needs (a place to live/rent, transportation). Nor do we have any money to go out with each other or friends. This has caused many fights in our marriage (stress) and I have lost many friends. (and don't tell me I need better friends. When everyone goes out for drinks should I just sit there and not order anything, and can't afford a babysitter)Plus Its affecting my daughter because I can't afford to bring her to classes or anywhere to socialize. You don't need to be rich to be happy but you do need enough for the necessities.

  • Money is fundamental

    I'll widen the question to include trade in general. The fact of the matter is that no one human is capable of performing all necessary functions of a proper society by themselves. It is essential to have a functioning society, with an active cooperative trade market. Trade, in its most basic form, is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of toady's modern society. For this we require nationally standardized monetary units; money. Function in society is completely and utterly impossible without indulging in this more advanced trade market. Achieving happiness is not done in a cave outside of society, but rather embracing society and understanding the necessity of trade. Having a sufficient supply of money is enough to satisfy any needs or cravings one could possibly imagine.

  • Money is crucial for daily needs.

    An abundance of money may make us solitary, but a lack of money will most certainly create stress. Why is education so important? So we can be successful in later life. Being in poverty will not let us be free to indulge ourselves in what we want. It is a materialistic world and we have materialistic needs which needs MONEY. We buy things to make ourselves happy and others happier.

  • Trying living without money and you will see what I mean

    They usually say money is not enough to make you happy. No, it's enough to help us afford happiness. If you want a car, it's your happiness, buy it. If you want really love, use money to buy presents, a beautiful house, a beautiful garden,...anything to make the one you love happy, and then, you are happy

  • Money is basic

    No matter what anyone says, if you have money you can pay all your bills, you don't have to be on any "list" at the doctor's office, because when you pay, you get the job done. For me, family and friends take the first place in the "importance list", education is second and money is third. Why? If i have the support of my family and friends I have a perfect life, but sadly they wont be around forever. That's why I need a propper education so I can eard money.

  • Of course not !

    Rich people spend their whole life trying to get money. They don't care about their family. This makes them greedy. Many rich people mostly actors and actresses committed Sucide because of depressions. Most rich get sick. Even funny videos make you happy. It is not necessary that the only thing making you happy is money. If you want money soooo much, then think of money is on trees. You would have no oxygen, no fruits, and no one would do jobs. Rich people also never do to school, or college or anything because their future is already secured by money

  • Money doesn't bring happiness

    So I'm 16 a couple of months ago all I wanted is money now I'm working 2 jobs as a sophmore in highschool. I'm saving all my money but getting money made me happy and let me think I could buy a lot of things I'd want right now. I'm saving the money for college and for life in general. Doing all that has destroyed me inside I have no girlfriend etc. obviously if I were buying stuff like a nice watch or nice clothes and nice shoes I'd feel happier and better about myself but I realized over time you need more in life then money. Like I said I have no girlfriend etc it kinda sucks. I've never had one to so I mean. But I know in life now that money isn't life sometimes it may be out that Way

  • No defiantly not!

    I can't believe this is even I question, so money is going to make you happy. Far enough u get others poi t of views but you can't buy true love with money. True love comes along you can't buy it. You can't by a mother, love is hard to get and no ey does not bring it

  • The Joy Of Life Is Not All About Money !!!!!!

    I think that the joy of life is not all about money but about little things in our daily life . We can find happiness in small things like watching a baby laugh , making someone happy . It is not always that money is important and that when you have money then only you can be happy . No this is completely wrong money is only a mean to satisfy our wants it is not a source of happiness . The main thing we should all remember is that joy can be found in our daily life if only we take our life in a positive manner at last I conclude by saying the famous quote of all times from the book HARRY POTTER.

  • Many celebs commit suicide because they had too much

    If you have too much money, of course you can buy everything that you need, but you only feel happiness at the moment. People feel happiness when they achieve something such as a goal, but if you can make everything happen without even trying or putting in any effort, your life would be boring. There wont be a point of living because you do not need any goals if you have all that money. Therefore, it is logically wrong to say that money brings happiness.
    Many famous celebs committed suicide because of that such as Heath ledger...

  • Money is a currency that holds value that lessens every day in many countries to do inflation.

    The fact that the concept of money can be argued as causation for happiness is silly in my opinion. While money can by things that make you happy, living a life where you can pay to overcome challenges and rush to goals isn't worth living. I am not saying a rich person is no happy, but a person who has money and only cares for such or even a poor person who thinks that money is the most important thing are not living lives worth living.

  • Money is important to make you happy but it is not enough.

    Yes, you need money to buy essential stuff like utilities, cloths,food etc. But at the end of the day you can have all the money in the world but if you don't have anybody to share it with; then what's the point? Money is only a tool to construct your happiness. Its a means to an end.

  • Money is not everthing?

    Of course money can change your appearance but it can not change your happiness in life. You may have money than anyone else but are you sure that you happier than them? You have much money, you certainly have a lot of friends. But who is your real friend? Who does always go with you in every situation? Or all of them are abusing you?

  • Money takes away peace

    Money is an asset. It takes away our peace as it makes us always think about it. It os like an addiction as having some of it stimulates us to have more of it. It takes away our peace. It tries to control us. But i still think that it is not about the money, it is actually the desire to have more.

  • Money takes away peace

    Money is an asset. It takes away our peace as it makes us always think about it. It os like an addiction as having some of it stimulates us to have more of it. It takes away our peace. It tries to control us. But i still think that it is not about the money, it is actually the desire to have more.

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Quan says2013-08-22T19:31:58.227
It's enough to prevent financial problems from making me unhappy.
Anonymous says2013-08-28T15:58:58.113
If you read the comment and take it as 100% literally, then no money alone is not enough to make you happy. If you have a million dollars but got that from car accident that has left you with very limited quality of life, chances are you aren't going to be happier than a person who can have their basic needs met. And huge amounts of money that enable you to experience everything from traveling to exotic locations, having servants, gorgeous cars and homes, etc. Creates discontentment because it is harder and harder to find something that you haven't experienced. So you are just on a search all the time for a "new experience". If money was enough to make someone happy then wealthy people (celebrities) wouldn't be dying of drug overdoses.
hyipego says2014-02-18T09:20:54.883
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