• Money is important.

    Money is important. Without money you can't buy your favorite things or live in a normal life. True love? Friendship? It will only lead to sad endings and you can't bring that to the bank and make you happy. Money makes me happy because of these things and nothing more.

  • Money money money

    Without money you always worried about paying bills, keeping a roof over your head and living a comftable life, and with money you can have complete peice of mind knowing you have it all and never have to worry about anything, with money you can own a home, you don't have to rent, drive a good car, travel, and never worry about not being able to afford things and live a comftable carefree life. Money is KING.

  • Money brings peace

    Money can make one go on holiday enjoy life, able to help those who r in the need of it and it will reduce comparison of other people's pockets. Money brings peace and prosperity and makes one feel totally independent. It makes one feel that u cant lack anything and u can live ur life freely without any1s criticisms, and orders from all kinds of weirdos :P

  • More money, more happiness.

    Money is the basic need in our lives. Without money life is impossible on Earth. Money should only be earned through hard work. It makes everyone happy including you. The people around will appreciate your work, which makes you feel proud. You could even give gifts to others to make them happy. When they feel happy, you feel more happy. More money gives us joy and happiness but lack of money gives us pain and problems. That is why the more money you have the better life you can lead and you will also be happy.

  • Everything but money

    I should be happy. I have a great husband and a beautiful daughter. But I'm not, I'm depressed because we don't have enough money to meet our basic needs (a place to live/rent, transportation). Nor do we have any money to go out with each other or friends. This has caused many fights in our marriage (stress) and I have lost many friends. (and don't tell me I need better friends. When everyone goes out for drinks should I just sit there and not order anything, and can't afford a babysitter)Plus Its affecting my daughter because I can't afford to bring her to classes or anywhere to socialize. You don't need to be rich to be happy but you do need enough for the necessities.

  • Money can buy you happiness

    Where is the happiness in having a loved one but you don't have money to fulfill her dreams or even make her happy. The truth is money can buy anything even happiness. If you have money, you can enjoy your life, you can do whatever you want, you might even find new friends by visiting places. Money is ultimatum!.. Even if you have no love in your life but have unlimited money you can atleast be happy by satisfying your needs!...
    Love and affection will hurt in the future, it ends but if you have money till your death you will atleast live your life!

  • The more money we have the happier we are

    Its totally true. Having more money is not just a good luck, but it is the thing which makes our life enjoyable, happy. In today's world without money we are not able to do anything. In fact money is the only thing which can make us popular in the society and the world. If we have money we can do anything- for our happiness, for our loved ones. More money may give power but lack of money cannot give anything except tensions and problems.

  • For those who think money cannot bring true happiness

    Think? Can you pay your bills with a hug?
    In today's world money can buy everything even happiness. You may be very friendly and lovable but people will not at all care to be with you unless you have money. The importance of money can only be known to a mother whose child is dying out of hunger or to a wife who doesn't have enough money to cure her sick and dying husband.

  • Money is not neccecary but it is enough

    Money may not be necessary to achieve happiness but it is enough while happiness can be achieved without money it can be used as a tool to achieve happiness for example lets say you like to see new places or meet new people, if you are a wealthy person you can go anywhere you want at any time you want allowing you to be happy. The problem for many people is relationships or true love but if you are wealthy it does not take that away it just widens the field allowing you to meet more women/men because of your freedom and travelling.

  • I think those who don't want more money are either ignorant, or even selfish.

    It is simple, without money we simply could not live to the standard in which we choose to live our lives on a daily basis. I know if I (and the 99% of the worlds population) had more money life would be less stressful to varying degrees. From not having to worry about where the next meal is coming from or where to sleep that night, to being able to afford luxuries like travel, or be in a position to help others financially. I personally think very few people would turn down the chance of having a bit more money, if not, they may be ignorant to the fact it puts them in a position to help others who are not in their position.

  • Money does not buy happiness

    Money does not buy happiness. Some of my best times in life have been when I was broke as a student.
    Lack of basic needs can make you unhappy (Shelter warmth and food) but after those needs are met money can only buy you luxuries and materialistic comforts not happiness.
    I have been to poor countries and people are not unhappy they play socialise and enjoy life too of course they have their own worries. When I come to UK, people look more stressed, they rush around no time for lunch, spend half the time in a queue. Worry about debt money, stress and work. To obtain money most people sell their time and there is no point of more salary if you have only the weekend to spend it. You live FOR the weekend and live ON the weekend.
    I will not wish on my death bed that I had worked an extra day of my life. I will wish I spent more time with family and friends. You don't have to eat a meal in a michelin restaurant or holiday in Morocco to be happy. I am happy to eat at nando or at home with my wife and a BBQ outside with friends because where you are is not important, it is who your with. I want time to spend on myself too to pursue hobbies to play sports, library, walk in the park, meals and time with friends and family, take the kids to the movies, drive with the wife, play with my kids, friday prayers and work somewhere I like that balances my life and work (you need some money). So is money enough to make you happy...NO

  • The better life will be without money at all!

    Money make people greedy, closefisted and even evil. As for me, I still believe in the life which don't know what the money is. I know it's hard to imagine but it's not impossible.As a rule that's precisely what gives rise to wars and other violences in the world. Just think, we must pay money to born, to die ( i mean to be buried), to be treated, especially if we want to be treated well. If you don't have enough money, nobody will worry about you. Broadly speaking, we can't make a step without money today. So, that's what you call happiness??

  • Money isnt everything!!!

    There are people who are able to commence with their lives without money. Money can't buy happiness. There are more aspects of life than just money. If money was everything, many people would not be able to survive. For example, many hospitals treat patients that do not have money. Money will buy luxury, not happiness.

  • Money is not enough to make happy

    Money only can buy what you want and need, but money cannot buy happy and family. Nothing important than love and family. Even you are wealth, you west your time to how u get more money, but can't buy time with money, you lost the time with your family and your friends, money is important. But family and love is more important

  • Friends and family are more important then money.

    You need family and friends, not money. And without them, you might not have any money. Money is also just a thing in your life. It doesn't give you a shoulder to cry on, a smile to brighten up your day, it runs out and if you had friends and family you wouldn't need money as a kid.

  • Money is not enough to make you happy

    In the world right now, everyone is in need for money, to buy stuff, exchange, gamble or for some other reason. But doing these things don't necessarily make you happy. Happy would be spending time you want to do. You can't just buy a family, friendship, relationship or happiness! Money is not needed to make you happy. Even though no one would choose extreme poverty compared to a lot of money but still, happiness does not need money.

  • Money is not enough to make you happy

    In the world right now, everyone is in need for money, to buy stuff, exchange, gamble or for some other reason. But doing these things don't necessarily make you happy. Happy would be spending time you want to do. You can't just buy a family, friendship, relationship or happiness! Money is not needed to make you happy. Even though no one would choose extreme poverty compared to a lot of money but still, happiness does not need money.

  • It is not the root of happiness

    Money is not the cause of happiness, sure, money can buy you possessions and pay your bills. But that's all it does. If you buying the latest playstation or phone gives you happiness, then you're getting it wrong. Happiness is feeling energised in the morning to fulfill you daily tasks, feeling motivated in everything you do. Money doesn't give you happiness, but if you're living in poverty then i can understand that money can actually make you happier, but it does not give you true happiness.

  • Money can't buy blessings.

    We all know that when you wake up in the morning, you already received a blessing and it is life. When you wish for something and you really worked hard for it and you succeeded, it is a blessing. Can money can buy life? No. Can money buy wishes and grant all of them? No. What I am trying to say is that yes, we need money in these times but that doesnt mean it can make eberyone happy. Yes, you can buy everything you want but it cant make you truly happy. In love, you are happy when the one you love is also happy even though not because of you. I ask you, did it used money? Did money bought your feelings? No. So, therefore, money is not enough to make someone happy deep inside their hearts. It is needed to be filled by some things that are not existing but you can feel it with your heart and soul.

  • Only god can give actual happiness

    As we can see in our surroundings that people who are behind money power and women are actually the most frustated breed human being.
    And people who are godly overcome there lust and feel the real freedom of serving god, because constitutionally we are the eternal servant of god but due to our association with the material world we gets contaminated and acts in wrong ways.
    So as to come out of the material blazing fire from which a materialistic person is always suffering we should spiritualize us.This can by very simple process i.e. by remembering god.
    The authorized way of remembering god is by chanting his name , and among chanting the vedic mantra
    By chanting this mahamantra we are able to revive our dormant love the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna and the real happiness which the actual aim of our life HARE KRISHNA.

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Quan says2013-08-22T19:31:58.227
It's enough to prevent financial problems from making me unhappy.
Anonymous says2013-08-28T15:58:58.113
If you read the comment and take it as 100% literally, then no money alone is not enough to make you happy. If you have a million dollars but got that from car accident that has left you with very limited quality of life, chances are you aren't going to be happier than a person who can have their basic needs met. And huge amounts of money that enable you to experience everything from traveling to exotic locations, having servants, gorgeous cars and homes, etc. Creates discontentment because it is harder and harder to find something that you haven't experienced. So you are just on a search all the time for a "new experience". If money was enough to make someone happy then wealthy people (celebrities) wouldn't be dying of drug overdoses.
hyipego says2014-02-18T09:20:54.883
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