• Money is everything

    Money for me is everything because everything has a cost.For this reason,you cannot afford anything which makes you poor.You probably wouldn't even survive without any money.For this reason money is everything it could even be your life.Please give me your honest opinion and say what you think money is to YOU.

  • Everything has a price.

    If you pay close enough attention to things you should notice everything has some kind of consequence, some kind of cost. Money is used simply to be an easily identifiable cost that’s universally recognised to help eliminate esoteric or impractically specific costs. For example, people used to trade with each other before currency was around, what if you wanted something from a trader but you had no items they wanted. Money eliminates that problem be being completely versatile in it’s application. You can have any item if you’ve got the dough.

    So in a literal sense yes, money kind of is everything. It’s what societies are built on, although now that I think more about the original question I realise i’ve ignored the philosophical aspect involved:/ oh, fuck it. I’ve rambled long enough.

  • Money is the extenshion of your hard work

    My husband and i work very hard, and what we earn pays our morgage,the payments on our 2 brand new cars. It takes us on dates and worldwide vacations. It gives us wonderful holidays and allows us to help others. Money is everything because it is dependant on everything we have. It is our happiness outside of eachother and the more the better because i dont settle for anything.

  • Money is life

    Money is everything because everything has a cost .Nothing is free in this world without money how will you pay your bills,rent shelter how are you even going to eat if you don't have money?Money gives you a good life and it enables you to give your family the best.With money you can afford the best you can explore the world go on holidays and adventures instead of having hand me downs from relatives.Money is everything.

  • Yes money is everything

    From a person that came from a poor background with no privilege standpoint, money is the essential part of life. It determines the quality of life, it determines your mindset, it builds your selfesteem with which you can find a partner which suits you. I havent worked since my late 20's, so i had time to experience a better quality of life, and was able to date women i teally was attracted to. So yes money will buy you happyness.

  • It is in certain ways

    Money, or the lack of it determines how we live. If you don't have millions of dollars you are not living in Palm Beach. The amount of money that you have affects your choices in life. "Can I afford to go on vacation?" " Can I afford to eat steak tonight" etc. Money has the value of purchasing goods and services. Whenever we choose to buy one thing over another we have experienced what is called an opportunity cost. You have to give up one thing to attain another. Family, friends and love cannot be bought, this is true, but if you have a little bit more money you will probably enjoy life a lot more!

  • Money is a representation of other things and has no inherent value:

    Money is a representation of other things and has no inherent value. How much something costs is actually presented in a manner of how much time one believes they should dedicate to a goal or object. The reason the term "Time is Money" is popularized is because time literally is money, or rather the Time-Value of Money, is a very real thing in which money always gains value over time. To that end having a higher pay grade actually is a reflection of how valuable your time is (which means you pay in "time" for everything under the sun when you use any type of currency) in relation to the task which is why certain jobs that have lower grades than others are so upended and controversial despite the value of those jobs being very different and rarely explored fully.

  • Money is important, but not everything

    Yes, money is important. Very important, that is. It is god's honest truth.
    But then, to say money is everything ... Not true. For me, there are many other things money can never buy. Like real love, real happiness and etc. Money is often blinded by greed and status, you will never know whether people like you for your money or your true self. Only when you lose all your money, you will know who is the real people around you. Whatever it is, money is still very important, but it is not everything.

  • No money isn't everything

    Imagine the richest man and the poorest man. Everyone would think the rich man's life's complete but does he have real love, a spouse that didn't marry him for his money? Or true friends? Is he happy? Is his life better than the poor man's life? Does he even have the opportunity to those key aspects?

  • Money is how you look in public.

    Sadly, I must agree that many act as though money is everything. I, however, don't believe this. Money may gain you food, a nice place to live, and other benefits in life, but does it gain you happiness?
    Many wise people out there know that happiness can only be pursued by doing what you love, and gaining money may be the way that you and others get happy. But for some people, their job is just to live. The world does not require money.

  • Money is control.

    Money is practically an organizational system for people to obtain goods. Distinguishing the actual value of something would be completely hard and people would technically rip each other off if one didn't know the value of what he was giving away. Money isn't necessarily everything though, it is an organizational method for getting anything.

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