Is money spent by India on hosting international sporting events a waste?

Asked by: Vishnu.M
  • It is totally a waste

    One of the gravest problem that India faces is illiteracy. The huge lacks and crores spent on hosting international events and sports can be invested in betterment the and development of the educational status of our country. The underdeveloped place can be improved. Moreover, this money is the money of the common citizen and have no right to spend it unnecessarily. Instead country's development can be one of the resolution that can be taken to improve the reason of expenditure of the peoples mind.....

  • A total waste

    Any money India would spend actually means money that India's citizens and taxpayers are forced to spend. There is simply no good return on investment from large sporting events. The short term injection of tourism into the economy doesn't outweigh the economic disruption and displacement caused by the cost necessary to pull off such an event.

  • Yes, money spent in India hosting an international sporting event is a waste.

    Due to the recent issues with women rights in India it is a waste to spend money hosting an international sporting event. India has recently had some gang rapes which has inspired fear among women travelers. This will lead to a low turnout and a waste of resources for India.

  • Unnecessary spending of money

    I think money spent by India to host international sporting events is a waste. First of all India doesn't give importance to any sport other than cricket, they waste a lot of money for this sport, where as it is neglecting many other sports, for example its own national sport hockey. As we can see in the picture sporting is not just one game but it is everything. And I think India instead of wasting the money in hosting thee events can use the same to first train the sportsmen such that we will be the world number one in all games.

  • Yes it is a waste of money

    India can spend all the money which is spent on Cricket on edustional activities and slum area.Did we not see that in IPL the MAN OF THE MATCH player is getting more than lakh rupees.We say that due to corruption money is decreasing,but hosting events on sports activities in one of the main concerns which India has to take care of.

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