Is money (yes) or skills (no) more important in life?

  • It makes the world go around.

    Money is more important in life than skills, because skills are something that people use to have money. If a person has money, they do not need to have the skills that ordinary people have to have, in order to find jobs, invest, or otherwise find ways to earn the money.

  • Skills rule the world

    I think skills are more important and can get you further than money. Skills can get you through many things, such as, survival or being able to do thing to make money. Money is valuable because we make it valuable, it can be destroyed in a day if we don't value it, while skills will always remain valuable.

  • Lasts longer,cant be taken away

    Skill is by far better if you have some money you should always invest in geting a skill or some sort of training to effectevly raise your skill.If you have skills than money is easy to get by but if you dont have skill you will eventualy run out of it and then you will have no money and no skill to earn money.

  • NO, Skills are more important.

    I think that skills are more important than money in real life. I think that skills will also help somebody get money anyway. But there are things that money can't buy. And some of those are specialized set of skills or talent they only some people on this Earth are able to possess.

  • Money is fleeting

    Money is fleeting, and it can be gone in a second if the wrong event occurs in life. While saving is very important, the best investment - far better than any kind of banks or stock - is an investment in skils and the skills of ones family that are valuable.

  • Skills create money

    Skills are much more important than money, because without money there are still skills that can get you by, but without skills it may not be possible to use money or get by. At the same time, skills can be used to create money so as long as you have sufficient skils, money shouldn't be an issue.

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