• Yes, Monsanto is concerned with the safety of its consumers

    Monsanto has to care about the safety of its consumers for the simple reason that it is bad business not to. Any business has to think of the long run and if their products end up not being safe for its consumers than that business will not be around for very long. The question is, however, how much do they prioritize safety. If it is cheaper to sweep a safety concern under the rug than to deal with it, which would they do? That is the real question.

  • No, Monsanto is not concerned about the safety of its consumers

    Monsanto is concerned about its profit and lately there may be a slight concern about corporate image. Over the years the unhealthy products and decisions made by the company point to greed and a lack of concern for consumers. The use of GMOs in their food products and the use of pesticides are only a couple of example of their harmful tactics.

  • Monsanto does not care about consumers

    Monsanto does not care about consumers or their health. They are a corporate giant and only got that way by looking out for the bottom line financially. Whether they hurt people or help people, only the money matters. It is also hard to avoid Monsanto since so many of their products are widespread in the market.

  • No, they are not.

    Monosanto has proven time and time again that they really only care about their bottom line. Beyond their shady use of GMO's that do not involve enough testing they have engaged in a number of other dangerous and risky practicies that are not ethical if not outright illegal and sometimes deadly.

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