• Yes of course it is. Is it hurting all farmers? No, of course not.

    Look, I hate Monsanto, and I hate the fact that they are such an aggressive company, but they aren't the end of the entire industry. Here is how things go. Research provides better crops. Better crops bring greater yields. Greater yields lower prices. Lower prices require greater yields. Farmers need to keep updating their seed bank eventually, and the research has to come from somewhere. While I think companies like Monsanto are necessary, I think it would benefit farmers in the long term for better, less shrewd companies to rise up.

  • Yes, Monsanto is hurting farmers.

    Yes, Monsanto is hurting farmers because their only goal is to make more money. They do not care about the individual. If there is a chance to profit, Monsanto will snag it immediately. It is a despicable company that only thinks of itself and farmers should let their voices be heard.

  • I think so

    Analysts agree that with Bayer's recent takeover, and the larger market share it can hurt farmers. Grain prices are at an all time low, and farm incomes have dropped. This is one of the biggest mergers ever which could put the new group in charge of almost 1/4 of our food supply and in turn create a monopoly to crank up prices for both farmers and consumers.

  • No, Monsanto is not hurting farmers.

    No, Monsanto is not hurting farmers. Instead some farmers are hurting other farmers. Monsanto, through creating patents on the seed varieties it develops, is not only protecting itself, but the farmers that abide by agreement they sign as well. When farmers purchase seeds from Monsanto, they agree to not replant seeds grown from the plants that grow from those seeds. This agreement is common in the industry. The simple fact is that the farmers that violate their agreement are breaking the law. The situation becomes cyclical. Monsanto must protect itself and its law abiding customers. Purchase of the seeds allows Monsanto to continue to develop products that in turn help the farmers. Since 1997 only 147 lawsuits have been filed by Monsanto. Of those filed, only nine have gone to full trial with Monsanto winning every case. With a majority of the farmers abiding by the legal document they have signed, the only ones hurting the farmers are the ones that choose to act illegally.

  • Without modified crops, some farmers would suffer.

    Monsanto and its modified seeds and pesticides have increased the yield of crops, I don't think this fact should be denied. Has it come at a cost? Yes, it has, just like everything in life comes at a cost of something else. Without robust crops, farmers would have smaller harvests and less money. Not all agricultural innovation is bad.

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