• Just check my account: I believe that it is true

    I don't usually go into religion in debate environments, because I believe that it can't be proved scientifically, but only though more personal means. As such, I don't believe, personally, that it belongs on a debate website, where, rather than personally asking yourself and God if it is true, you are trying to convince someone else. Teaching someone religion is one thing, but trying to use your great faith to give someone else faith usually doesn't work in these settings (although inspiration and feeling the spirit can come from other settings). But, because it is asking my opinion, I gave it. I'm not going to try to convince you, but if you aren't sure, the only way I know involves prayer, scripture study, and a desire to KNOW and act upon an answer. God loves you, though, no matter your religion.

  • It is impossible

    There cannot be an infinite regression of causes, i.E., a god that exalted someone to godhood, who exalted someone to godhood, ad infinitum. This is logically impossible. Why? Because you cannot cross an infinity.

    In other words, in order for us to get to the present state of this god on this planet, there would have had to be an infinite number of exaltations in the past. But, this cannot be because in order to get to the present, you would have to transverse an infinite number of exaltations. But that is impossible since you cannot transverse an infinity--if you could cross (transverse) an infinity of time, then it isn't infinite. Therefore, the Mormon system of infinite regressions of exaltations to godhood is impossible, and Mormonism is proven false. Simple.

  • The unsupported theories of a self-proclaimed prophet.

    Mormonism was founded on a claim by one man in the 19th century who claimed to have seen a vision from an angel. There was no supporting evidence except his own storytelling. Where Mormonism is historically testable, the evidence has weighed heavily against it. It has all the earmarks of a cult-like teaching meant to attract people with some special secret knowledge, such as the teaching that God was once a man like us and we can become like God, and the secret temple ceremonies and celestial marriages, and the sudden re-attribution of 1st-century church offices like prophet and apostle to 19th-century men.

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