• Depends on the Piece

    Art, is essentially anything that is aesthetically pleasing, if 'art' has no meaning and purpose it is not art, examples include many sculpture that leave a viewer thinking (sic 'WTF' were they smoking'). Art, at the end of the day should come down to what the public thinks not the promoters who attempt to tell them what is fashionable etc. A Chinese artist published a sculpture in the Australian city of Perth's Sculptures by the Sea Exhibits several year running, one could perceive that these sculptures are examples of artistic profanity.

  • Art is how your imagination can show

    No matter if YOU think its good or bad its still someones art that they may/may not of put time into.For example modern art like-paint splattered on a page? I think its great but thats just my opinion. So next time you look at art think about before telling every one its bad

  • Most modern art can be considered art.

    Despite the opinion of many critics,modern art and still be considered art.Even though the pictures may not resemble anything in real life closely they still follow certain rules that all good art must follow.Some of these include style and proportion.Plus it's an interpretive thing that some people might consider good and others might not.

  • Art is always art.

    No matter what you say it will always be art, just because you don't like it or it's not good does not make it no longer art. When a child scribbles all over a page and it looks like a blob, does that make it no longer art? No. It is still art.
    Just because someone paints or draws something that you don't like does not make it no longer art.

  • Art is art.

    Art is about expressing yourself, letting the world see your artistic side. Art is about creativity and imagination. Art isn't about grabbing a paper and pencil or paintbrush and draw lines and other stuff without using your creativity or imagination. Art is about the freedom of one person, the outlet of emotion and creativity. The birth of inspiration and confidence to other people.

  • People are too easily convinced of some things.

    I think that a lot of modern art is done by people proclaiming themselves to be "artists" when they don't really have any artistic talent. Just making some random crap and calling it art doesn't make it art in my book. I think too many people accept this kind of random crap that is being called art by a few because they believe that if others are calling it art then it must be - they just don't see it themselves.

  • Modern art is just that, art.

    Art is the product of different activities. With art, you create different images and many of them tell a story. There are beautiful lines and colors, and that is what art is all about. It depends on a persons matter of taste, but you can find art in all modern things.

  • The Modern Era in art was a break with past artistic traditions and an experimental journey into new artistic territory.

    Matisse, Braque, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and Duchamp were all artists of the Modern Era, and I doubt anyone today would argue their status as artists, or the validity of their art. I believe, however, that the debate question meant to query the validity of contemporary art. Controversy surrounding the classification of art is nothing new, and indeed, the artists I mentioned above were doubted as artists in their time. Many of today's artists are pushing the boundaries of the definition of art and only time will tell if they are ultimately accepted as artists by society. I believe their explorations in aesthetics are a valuable contribution to the world of art and history will view many of them as, at the very least, influential, and at most, great artists.

  • No, I guess?

    First off, I hate these double and triple negative question... I'm going with "No, I do not agree with this question and DO think that modern art is still art"... Anything that conveys an emotion, sentiment or some form of strong expression IS art, regardless of its reception or how others may view it. Modern art is just that, it's modern. It's an expression of our times and society and the way we express thoughts and feelings. While bizarre or downright confusing in many cases, so is our society.

  • I have to disagree

    No, I have to disagree on this issue. Most modern art is legitimately considered as art. Art is a very abstract thing and not concrete at all. Almost anything can be art, really. But what we see as modern art absolutely would fall under the umbrella of "art." Art is more of an idea, not a concrete thing.

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