• Mtv is run by satanists trying to brainwash generations and leading them to a destructive lifestyle.

    The demons behind this brainwashing teen channel are part of a bigger order.
    Satanism, occults, abuse, murderand the list goes on and on.. Those watching that channel are lost. They should not just ban that network but lock them all up in abu ghraib. They're responsible for the manipulation of our youngsters.

  • Glorifies Teen Sex

    Mtv has done nothing but glorify teen sex!! It does nothing to stop it! They are showing teens that it is ok to go and party and have sex with any random person that they see!!! Mtv should be barred forever! Because more teens have been tested positive for STDs than in past years!!

  • MTV promotes drugs,sex,violence exc...

    I was in shock after watching the 2015 MTV awards with Miley hosting it! Every other word that came out of her mouth was "DRUGS! DRUG! DRUGS!" . When it wasnt about promoting drugs, it was about sex! The fact that MTV ALLOWED Miley Cyrus to continuously talk about drugs & sex & showing her breast to the audience & camera, it proves that they LIKE promoting bad nasty stuff to our young! They enjoy there corruption! In my area, I wish Bobby Jendall could get the entire channel cut off air. They only way to view it is to pay for it! I don't want my kids & teens to be influenced by this corruption! They have enough bad influences on our young already! We don't need any more bad influences for our kids to see & mock! People complain that this generation is bad but yet they continue to make it worse! Parents need to step it & have a voice! A good parent will do anything to protect there children from anything!! But instead we are just sitting in silence and allowing people to corrupt the minds of our children!! When are people going to wake up & do what's right!!!!!!!!

  • MTV is toxic for young minds.

    MTV has such poor quality programming that is poison for teenagers/early 20's to watch, all they show is garbage such as The Real World/Challenge, Jersey Shore, and, hip hop music videos. I think MTV definitely promotes bad behavior in teenagers and college kids. I personally wouldn't recommend MTV for anyone younger than age 25, because, of cognitive development, which doesn't fully mature until age 25.

  • Oh Hell Yeah

    MTV has so much inappropriate crap they show everyday that surprises me that they would even put that on that TV channel. Just by letting your kid watch this type of crap, you are harming him. If my son were to start to watch MTV I would automatically stop him.

  • I think so.

    In reality, when kids see something on T.V. once, they don't thin much of it. Twice, it might change the way they think about it. More than that, they're behavior will change to fit what they see. A girl in my grade, who constantly talks about MTV, got pregnant, and she talks like its "Awesome" and obviously thinks its "Cool". Other girls now say they want to get pregnant earlier.

  • I think that MTV is definitely promoting bad behavior in teens.

    I think that MTV is definitely promoting bad behavior in
    teens. Think about it. MTV makes pop stars out of the worst types of
    people. There are many independent artists
    with good morals who never get discovered and pushed by media outlets such as
    MTV. Yet, almost any artist selling sex
    or thuggery will be embraced by MTV.

  • Yes They Are

    I think MTV tries to promote odd lifestyles, such as their shows that center around teenage parents. I believe they do attempt to promote bad behavior at time, and have succeeded in some cases. I think there has also been a lot of bad behavior exhibited in their programs for sweet sixteen birthday parties, as well.

  • MTV promotes irresponsible and wreckless behavior in teens.

    MTV promotes irresponsible and wreckless behavior in teens by promoting that spoiled, extreme behavior is acceptable. The show often promotes unrealistic lifestyles that are free-for-alls and any damage done in your wake is inconsequential as long as you benefit in the long run. It's programming is very Machiavellian in nature, which aside from literally de-emphasizing the need for common courtesy, actually promotes unrealistic lifestyles.

  • It doesnt talk about the music anymore

    This TV channel was originally meant for music videos and now throughout the years it has changed into a bunch of badly scripted reality shows that include drinking, drugs, and promoting women in a negative and sexual way. It's just terrible and to have our future generations growing up on this and being influenced by this bad media. What will happen to these kids when they grow up, what does it say about us Americans?

  • '16 and Pregnant' Discourages Teen Pregnancies

    MTV doesn't promote bad behavior in teens. Bad parenting promotes bad behavior in teens. Plus, after the "16 and Pregnant" series aired, teen pregnancies actually decreased despite headlines about "pregnancy pacts" and other shenanigans to try to get the attention of television producers. Despite the seemingly glamorous lives and huge paychecks for the show's stars, getting pregnant in your teenage years is not a good idea. Humans don't live to age 40 anymore.

  • No it is not.

    I do not believe that MTV is promoting bad behavior in teens. I think they are the ones that air the show "Teen Mom". It has been shown that this show actually makes teenagers not want to get pregnant. So, MTV good actually be promoting good behavior in teens or having no effect at all.

  • No, it is entertainment.

    No, MTV is not promoting bad behavior in teens, because MTV has existed for years. Throughout MTV's existence, teenagers have been teenagers. Each generation is no better or worse than the ones that came before them. Adults will never understand the entertainment choices of the youth. But young people are not heavily influenced by what they know is just entertainment.

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