• Mathematically is 100% genocide

    Maths aside; of whites keep dropping as a % of population in their home countries for 30 years, and left-wing diversity Nazis just demand endless amounts of more open borders/diversity then it is impossible that this current trend ever stops. It doesn't even require math then for it be OBVIOUS this is attempted genocide 100% in the long run. Also functional extinction does not require 100% genocide. It is population replacement and competent
    Genocide and you cannot argue with the mathematics. You are evil for supporting this whether you realie how evil it is or not; your flimsy beliefs are irrelevant to the mathematics and reality. (most Nazis didn't know what they were signing up for either.) this is why democracy no longer should exists; if it can be twisted into genocodng its own people it is the most evil form of government imaginable. Let's not forget Hitler was elected after all.

  • Dumb Socialists fantasy

    People will rarely reproduce with people who look drastically different than themselves, the myth about people prefering interracial partners instead of intraracial ones is perpetuated by the disillusioned media. Whites will most likely reproduce with other whites, as such there will not be a lessening of white genes. Media and real life is so different, and interracial couples are shown to be more normal than in real life. Meanwhile sociology proffesors are babbling about the average european being mixed race, is nothing but pure bs. You need not worry. The only thing multiculturalism will bring is segregation and possible civil war. Multiculturalism is not a new experiment, but one who always fails.

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