• Music can improve how sociable you are

    So many people say that sports improve your relations with others while music isolates you. However, I have become far more sociable from being in an orchestra. I talk to more people and we all are like a family. Basically, the point of this was to say that sports aren't the only activities that strengthen your abilities to work together.

  • Music is more creative, and is better for your brain.

    First of all, I do both Music and Sports. So this is an even choice. I also play 3 Instruments and 3 sports. Sports can hurt, and even kill. Yes, it helps gain friendships and co-operation, but so can Music. Music won't hurt or kill though. Music is better for the brain and will help concentration. Playing different instruments may help you be able to get into a band/orchestra (depending on rock/classical) with friends.

  • Music can take you a long way. Sports... Only until you brake your leg and can't play again....

    I just finished playing in a concert last night, so that might be the reason I'm writing on this side. But if you think about it- my title does prove a point. But, yes, it does depend on which instrument you play. Think about it for a minute... Sports are WAY more dangerous than music. Sure you can fall off the stage while walking on it and break your neck or something-- but that's very unlikely to happen. Now, I do both music AND sports. But if I had to choose, I'd say music. But many other people are different. Some are more athletic and can't even hit one note. Others can play all these beautiful melodies, but falls on their face when it comes to a kick on the soccer field! (this is just and example). But... I do love music more than sports. But I think the little bar above should say 50/50. Because both are totally awesome!!! :)

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  • Music Affects You Personally

    Music, depending on genres, can affect you. If you are listening to Grunge you are more likely to be angry but if you are listening to a more happy song you will be happy. Music also has a way to make you feel alive if you are listening live as it is reaching you personally.

  • Music affects one's emotions and thinking more.

    Music can affect an individual positively and negatively. It can effectively affect one's emotions. Songs with a happy tune makes one feel happy and relax. A song with sad lyrics can affect one to feel sad and depressed. Other than that, a song with angry lyrics can make one more violent. It affect one's thinking too.

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  • Participating in sports can not only help us communicate with peers with the same interest but also improve our social and communication skills

    Compared with listening to music, participating in sports activities is always a good opportunity to collaborate with your teammates. On the other words,you have been forced to exchange your ideas with others in order to achieve the success. During a series of competitions, the team spirit has been established. However, listening to music which is commonly regarded as an individual activity which will isolate you with your friends.

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