• Hug if h

    He is the only thing that would have to go back and I don't think it's time to get the chance of winning a championship in a statement issued in my a game of rugby team to win a r the to the next few weeks days and it was a little more than one of my favorite song is amazing but it was a great way of the best you ever need

  • They are not a bad influence! HECK NO!!

    My Chemical Romance is the reason a lot of people have decided to stay alive! Along with many other "emo" bands. I being one of those people alive because of these people. They're amazing and deserve respect. In conclusion I do not believe that MCR is a bad influence. They are a good influence.

  • No! They are just emo....

    They are a brilliant band to say the least and their "emo" style music may prove unpopular among many adults but most of their songs are perfectly fine and show real violence when you compare them to other singers/band. Eg. Eminem, nikki minaj,. Not to mention the tv shows which are even more horrific (looking at you south park)

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