Is Narutos Rasenshuriken stronger than Sasukes Amaterasu?

  • Yes it is.

    Naruto is capable of manipulating and molding is rasenshuriken into many different ways. It allows him to throw it and bring it back if he wants or to change the shape of it after having thrown it. Not to mention it is created from a form of wind that makes fire stronger.

  • Highly developed Jutsu makes for a stronger Jutsu

    Naruto's Rasenshuriken is a highly developed Jutsu, which not only uses more energy (as Sasuke cannot control more energy than Naruto, nor trained as effectively) than Sasuke's Ameterasu but does so more efficiently. Further, in the show it was discussed that wind Jutsu's have more attack power than any other type, which demonstrates how on a basic level it is coming from a stronger attack point.

  • Prolly not as powerful

    Even though the raseshuriken is highly controlled think about this what element beats wind. In the first book in the manga it states that fire beats wind. Plus they are supposedly unable to burn out unless what they are burning has been destroyed. Ashes and all. I mean i absolutely hate sasuke, but he has some powerful eyes .

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