• Although NASA helps human race with its discoveries, the funding that it receives is too much.

    To make it clear, it is not being contended that NASA does not help people, what is being said is that its usefulness is not greater than its uselessness. NASA is not useless however, but it is a waste of money. Its annual budget is $18.724 billion, that is a huge amount of money being wasted just for space exploration, other ambitious search for other planets and signs of life, and other useless things. That money could have been used for more urgent needs such as food for the hungry people, medicines for the sick people, books and classrooms for students, infrastructures, and other things that are more important and useful to humans.

  • Pay off the national debt

    The government has run out of cash a long time ago and today is shut down. It is saddening that NASA received much gold from taxpayers and has brought back nothing to pay for itself. All Americans will suffer from the uncontrolled spending in Washington on agencies such as NASA which bring back no revenue.

  • Waste of mpney

    The money used for NASA's various ventures is nothing short of unjustified when looked at from the perspective of the issues we have here on planet earth that remain unresolved. I'm not suggesting that NASA's undertakings are entirely pointless, but as it stands currently, we can't afford to invest such amounts of money into precarious, low payoff enterprises such as NASA. It is money that could be far better spent on medical research.

  • Total Waste of money

    NASA is ridiculous. There are so many actual NEEDS in this country/world and we spend billions of dollars trying to figure out things like why Mars atmosphere changed. I guess for those of you who support this, you want to continue to ruin this planet and move to another to ruin that one...

  • Screw all y'all

    I HATE ALL YOU GUYS THAT SAY NASA IS A WASTE OF TIME! SCREW YOU ALL ! I AM IN THE BEST MOOD TODAY CAN ANY ONE TELL? CAUSE I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE IT OBVIOUS OR ANYTHING IF THATS WHAT YOU GUYS THINK SO SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waste of money and could save of us

    I say NASA is wasting to much money they spent $18.724 billion which is a lot just be traveling space but at the same time is why you guys need to because what if earth decides to fail us then what we going to do if we didn't spent that money to find a planet that can hold us. But I say if you going to spend all that money make it worth it like making tools that can actually do the stuff you want it to do instead of the money that we might need in the future in case of a emergency. And we also need knew technology for our future generation but we also need to stop taking from our new generation its hurting our future and now.

  • Waste of money and could save of us

    I say NASA is wasting to much money they spent $18.724 billion which is a lot just be traveling space but at the same time is why you guys need to because what if earth decides to fail us then what we going to do if we didn't spent that money to find a planet that can hold us. But I say if you going to spend all that money make it worth it like making tools that can actually do the stuff you want it to do instead of the money that we might need in the future in case of a emergency. And we also need knew technology for our future generation but we also need to stop taking from our new generation its hurting our future and now.

  • Other Causes Need Our Attention!

    Here on Earth, there are thousands of other causes that need our attention, time, effort, and money that will better the human race instead of placing those funds in NASA's hands. One of the first causes to which we could put our money is poverty as over 2.1 billion people lived on less than $3.10 a day in the developing world in 2012. Clearly, it is greedy to assume that NASA is not a waste of money when billions are in need of the money we are able to provide. Additionally, the homeless population has been estimated at two hundred million, meaning that there is much more work to do. If we cannot provide shelter for all humans who are in need of it, I see no need for us to explore other worlds until we are able to fix our own. Lastly, the national debt in the United States has reached more than $19,000,000,000,000. This should be a large indicator that we clearly do not have the budget to be spending billions on space exploration. NASA is an obvious waste of money if we do not have the budget and have yet to fix any of the problems on our own planet.

  • Face issues here first

    Although the statement of NASA not wasting money has many good facts on how it benefits us in technology wise, other issues that haven't been dealt with are becoming a major problem because of the growing issue of little or no money. I don't necessarily think its a waste, but if we not spend as much money it would help benefit us. True that earths population is growing but I don't think that's ever gonna stop. The problem is that how are we gonna keep those people healthy and alive. Today we face many health issues and hunger issues that are supposedly being handled but everyday there is someone out there either starving to death, homeless, or are in need of medical attention. I believe that it is a good thing that NASA is searching for capable life out in space but first life needs to be capable here for those in need. On the subject of new technology being created, we yearly have new products of phones, computers, and even cars so I think it is acceptable to put a hold on creating things. I don't think we are ever gonna know when our earth will be incapable of life and true that the sun and moon are constantly changing but we should enjoy what we have now and not constantly worry about we the earth will come to an end. Solve the problems we have here first, then start research on life out there in space. Either way, technology development won't stop, population won't, and neither will the earth, sun, and moon.

  • Waste of to much money

    I say yes because Nasa is a machine for spending money, the fact has been driven home by the ignominious failure of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, a $278 million package which blasted off from Vandenberg air force base. Which their very expensive so they sometimes wouldn't approve it all but I feel like its waste of money because sometimes the Nasa can be less money instead of being cheap. I feel like all this money should go to the important stuff like medical, food, and important stuff that you need. You guys need to realize that all money can go to spent, sometimes you got to think about the important stuff that you need instead of spending it somewhere else. Sometimes you got to realize that all this money can go to the people that are sick, people who need food, people who need clothes, and in schools as well sometimes you got to realize money can be spend on a lot of stuff instead of paying for something expensive.

  • Of Course Not!

    NASA has not only benefited American history, but it also helped us invent many new technologies, research what's beyond Earth, and start sending humans out of Earth again. NASA has a lot of potential to help the human species. Here's why.

    1. We are getting overpopulated on Earth, and we are using all of it's resources. At this rate, Earth won't be Earth in 150 years. We must begin heading to areas like Mars, The Moon, Europa, etc, and start terraforming those celestial bodies. Terraforming is the process of making a celestial body more habitable.

    2. Our economies could benefit from these resources, and we could employ thousands of people if space exploration is a success. Resources from other celestial bodies could be potentially valuable, which would be good for trading with other nations, and staying at the top of any other nation. These resource collecting, and space exploration feats could mean that we could employ several Americans to do missions, collect resources, operate stations, etc.

    3. The Sun will eventually get too big for us in the long run. The Sun keeps on getting larger, and larger. If we don't move farther from the Sun within the time that the Sun becomes a Red Giant (About 5 billion years), we're doomed.

    4. Horrible, unpredictable events could happen such as; meteorites, the moon getting too far from Earth, etc. The Moon of ours gets farther, and farther which will eventually affect our tides, orbit, etc.

    5. Why not? Would you rather stay on Earth, and be destroyed in 5 billion years? The human race is destined to head to space, and begin colonizing by 2040. If we don't have a space program, we won't stay caught up with other nations, and we will not remain the strongest nation. We must continue these great exploration feats. Exploration, and curiosity is not over.

  • We need chikun

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  • We need to learn more about the universe.

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  • No it is not

    If in 600 billion years and Earth is drying up,people will want to leave. If NASA has a spaceship ready and that ship can hold the rest of the people and found a planet close by, that money would not have got to waste. That is way my answer is no.

  • Technological development side can not be considered as waste of money but ..

    Technological development side would not be considered as waste of money but .... The quests of finding life on other planets, working on stars, finding about surface of moon. Or whether, a certain planet was habited some 100 billion years ago etc. such researches are totally waste of money and of no use....

    Last documentary I saw from Nasa was nasa people being crazy excited to discover an exoplanet to a star within habitable zone, planet name is kelper22b... They all were going crazy for such amazing discovery of finding a planet not through visual proof but only calculated through light intensity changes of its star Kelper 22. The documentary gave you artistic images and grohically generated exotic views of oceanic (water dominant) planet which is never seen, as it is far too away to be captured by any telescope developed so far. The documentary is so artistically designed and graphic aided that you will start believing like next step of human will be there.

    Truth is that all star (potential suns of their system) are more than 4.25 light years away form earth so as the exoplanets orbiting them. (kepler 22b being around 620 light years.) we can not reach any close to speed of light and if suppose we do, and planned to colonize kepler 22b which is according to nasa has water and in habitable zone, we will first have to colonize the space ship having speed of light for more than 600 years, (roughly 12 - 15 generations. Imagine astronomers giving birth to babies on space ship babies educating strictly to become scientists and astronomers. And then giving birth to their next generation. We also need to be optimistic about getting males and female babies both as next generation of astronomers will have to be born) and then we will leave the survivors of the ship to that exotic planet. Meanwhile 12-15 generations at earth in nasa would wait for its mission to be completed. ...

    More funny thing is that a planet which we are observing through light is 620 light years away that means the light we see today is emitted around 620 years ago... So if it e.g. destroyed 100 years before today.. We will get to know it. Around 500 year later from now....

    Researching on something hundreds of light years away ... We need to first do some ground breaking development to enhance life expectancy of human to few thousand years.

    Talking about billions year ahead plans... Seems so childish considering jesus came 2000 years ago yet we are not sure about many things at that time. There are so many black areas... Maps of the worlds have changed several times sicne then and none of the states existing then is in same form today, so from world's history it would be very optimistic to be certain that nasa would exist and will be doing discoveries billion years later.

  • It is the future.

    You people think it has more funding. NASA has 11 billion dollars. The department of defense has over 700 billion. And what if the answers to our problems here are in space. The world's population is growing really fast, and eventually we will have to colonize other worlds so earth does not get overpopulated. NASA benefits technology too, just look here:

  • Hopin for more realisations NASA :) !

    You often hear people say, ‘The budget devoted to space
    programmes is wasted money.’ Many people support this statement by saying that these huge amounts can be invested in projects to combat diseases. Likewise, many other people consider that space exploration is a wild dream and that the money spent on these explorations is needed to relieve poverty in Africa. Though I understand that there is an urgency to fight diseases and relieve poverty in our continent, I don’t think it is right to abandon investment in space explorations.
    In the first place, many of the advances made in medicine are
    indirectly the result of space exploration. For instance, …

  • How are we going to make big jumps in our science world?????

    We need to find a way too repopulate another planet because the world is going to need more resources because of over population. If we don't take a risk then how are we even going to get to space in the future????It is a big risk but it could be worth it. So people are saying that we should stop all NASA missions and just do something else. How are we going to find big data about the universe. We can't have a telescope go that far, we need satellites, space shuttles, and really need to have a way to put a person on a different planet. The only way we have to do these things is to believe that the risk will be worth it.

  • NASA is Innovation

    NASA has provided untold advancements in technology and provide content for youth on the importance of science. Science in the future and unless future generations become involved then pop culture and entertainment will reign supreme. We cannot allow that to happen!

    NASA needs more funding and better partnerships; and more significant directives. Get rid of the bureaucrats and hand it back to the scientists and give them a goal!!!

  • Its the future!

    NASA has given us millions of advances in technology and should keep doing so. Not to many years ago JFK gave us hope that we would be the first people on the moon and a few years later we did just that. We can have that hope again and keep pushing farther into the stars, we've been to the moon know how about mars, Jupiter or even another GALAXY!! Theirs still so much of the universe that we don't understand and there's endless possibility of new things NASA can try to solve. Imagine a world were regular citizens can travel to the moon or we can mine minerals and metals from passing meteors and even explore other galaxy's for intelligent life like our own.

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policeboy0 says2013-12-14T22:30:42.467
For all of you saying that NASA is a waste of money because the money would be better spent else where...The US Armed Forces budget for air conditioning is $1 billion more than the entire budget of NASA. NASA has invented artificial limbs, baby formula, cell-phone cameras, the computer mouse, cordless tools, ear thermometers, a lot of firefighting gear, freeze-dried food, goldclubs, long distance communications, , invisible braces, MRI and CAT scans, memory foam, tires used in cars that save thousands and thousands of lives a year, shoe insoles, ski boots, smoke detectors, portable water filters, UV-blocking sunglasses, and so much more! Any rational person will see that the money spent on the NASA budget is peanuts and if anything we should spend more.
WheezySquash8 says2014-01-16T22:23:42.537
It's sad to see people think that NASA is a waste of money...