Is NASA's test fire of the powerful rocket engine significant in today's world?

  • NASA's successful test of its new generation of rockets is an important step forward

    The success of NASA's next generation rocket technology is significant not only for the space program, but for today's world in general. The new technology will enable exploration to distant asteroids and Mars. These deep space missions will give scientists data about possible resources that could be used in the future to better life on earth. Technology that was invented in the space program has carried over into everyday use. An example of this is lasers that are used in heart surgery.

  • Every advancement we can make for science is important

    Although SpaceX gets the headlines lately, the advances that NASA makes are still very important to our future outside of our atmosphere. This new rocket is a great step forward, and will likely be used by others as private space flight becomes more of a reality. So although NASA is no longer the only game in town, their presence will improve the entire industry.

  • NASA does nto serves as much of a purpose anymore

    Computer technology allows for simulations that were not dreamed possible just a few years ago. It is now possible for scientists to conduct test via computer simulation for a fraction of the cost of actually sending a rocket into space. While there may still be occasions when real-world launches are needed, they are not as significant as in the past.

  • No, not really.

    It is a little bit significant. But the new rocket does not make any major changes. It is not as groundbreaking as some of their orginal achievements. That does not mean that they should stop making progress or that persuing these new scientific achievements are not needed, just that they are not as significant.

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