Is national security more important than individual liberty?

  • Yes, National security is more important than individual liberty.

    National security is more important than individual liberty because it affects a large amount of people. Your own personal security and liberty is very important to yourself only. As a whole, national security affects everyone and should be looked at as much more important then our own individual liberties in my opinion.

  • Without national security, there would be no country for anyone to have individual liberty.

    Don’t get me wrong, individual liberty is very important, but
    it can only be practiced within a country.
    In order to maintain a country and allow individuals to express their
    freedom, national security is necessary.
    Sometimes some degree of individual liberty must be sacrificed in order
    to maintain national security. There is
    no way around this.

  • Look at America's origins!

    Of course National Security is important, but the colonies had security before they decided to break away from England and form a new county. Why? Why then did they leave a state of protection for one of uncertainty? The answer: liberty. They desired their individual rights so strongly they were willing to put not only everything they owned and everything they cared about at risk, but even their own lives. This is a pattern repeated over and over throughout history. Individual liberty doesn't just affect one person, it affects every individual in the country. As our wise founding father, Benjamin Franklin said, "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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