• NATO unites Europe and North america.

    No wars have taken place in any country that is part of NATO after they joined. No one is going to strike up a war with the Western world if they know that they'll be fighting all of them... Eastern Europe is safe from Russia, Ukraine and Georgia are trying to join, and they stand for Democracy.

  • New International Threats

    NATO can be effective in today's society by combating the new threats today's world faces. Instead of focusing on the rapidly declining interstate conflicts (as a result of interdependence), they can focus on threats such as cyber warfare, terrorism, and piracy. This could compliment well with NATO's decreasing resources and eliminate the need for a large standing army.

  • NATO should be expanded

    NATO, is an effective military body, in the same way the United Nations has been a successful diplomatic body. One of the major problems with the preceding league of nations, was the lack of 'teeth'. NATO is a unified body designed to make military co-operation for efficient. World peace is for the most part pie in the sky, it is true that their have been no major global conflicts in the latter half of the twentieth century and into the twenty first. As the recent events in North Korea demonstrate war can occur as relations demonstrate. Although china is a trading powerhouse the western world should not grow complacent in the fact that china is a human rights abuser and steals military secrets with its state sanctioned and supported hacking programs. NATO can expand from a military treaty and is still highly relevant in anti-piracy and flash points around the world particular in the middle east and Africa.

  • Of course NATO is still relevant.

    NATO is very relevant. Just look at North Korea, there nuclear missiles tests are a threat to the world and therefore it is important to have an organization that tries to prevent war. NATO provides security to the world because of their rules and regulations that prevent war. Considering those FACTS it is foolish to say that NATO is not relevant.

    Posted by: neso
  • NATO is still relevant

    The argument that the UN is better then NATO and is the leader is not true, the UN has made major mistakes the were "peacekeeping" in Africa and under their watch next thing you know a mass genocide happens right under their noses 800,000 Tutsi were killed by the hutu under the UN's watch. The UN also let thousands of Muslims be slaughter they said they have safe spots for the Muslims to go but failed to secure it.NATO on the other hand is currently leading Resolute Support, a non-combat mission which provides training, advice and assistance to Afghan security forces and institutions. Resolute Support was launched on 1 January 2015. It includes approximately 13,000 personnel from both NATO and partner countries and operates with one hub (in Kabul/Bagram) and four spokes in Mazar-e Sharif (northern Afghanistan), Herat (western Afghanistan), Kandahar (southern Afghanistan) and Laghman (eastern Afghanistan).During a period of growing Western tension with Libya after the UN Security Council imposed sanctions designed to induce Libya to surrender suspects in the bombing of a Pan Am airliner over the town of Lockerbie in Scotland in 1988, NATO provided increased AWACS coverage of the Central Mediterranean to monitor air approach routes from the North African littoral. NATO AWACS aircraft flew a total of 36 missions with a total of 2,336 flying hours (1992) so of course NATO is still relevant

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  • The Bear is waking up!

    The resurgence of Russia in the Crimea, Syria are militant aggressive acts. The capitulation of Obama to Cuba reflects a need for a sphere of influence that will protect vunerable countries from an aggressive Communist mindset that is bent on world domination. Democracy gives people the freedom of choice. Amen!

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  • No more NATO

    NATO was founded to promote democratic values and encourage cooperation on defense and security issues. Since the end of the cold war, NATO and the UN have become nearly interchangeable in and benefit mutually. Now however, it seems that the UN is beginning to be the leader in international crisis management and humanitarian issues it, it begs the question of two such entities.

  • No more NATO

    NATO was founded to promote democratic values and encourage cooperation on defense and security issues. Since the end of the cold war, NATO and the UN have become nearly interchangeable in and benefit mutually. Now however, it seems that the UN is beginning to be the leader in international crisis management and humanitarian issues it, it begs the question of two such entities.

  • NATO has grown into an inefficient bureaucracy

    Basically, in 1948, because the United States, and their Western European allies were scared of the forceful spread of Communism (basically modern day progressivism), America, and 11 other countries, signed the NATO treaty. This was during the Cold War. The first, and only time the treaty was called into use, was after the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. It basically currently serves as a, mostly American funded, goverment bureaucracy, that employ people that do literally nothing but waste money. According to NATO statistics, the U.S. spent an estimated $650 billion on defense last year. That's more than double the amount all the other 27 NATO countries spent between them.

  • Nato is not Relevant.....Provisionally

    According to Article 9 of the treaty every ten years the elements and de facto agreements between the parties. With the rise of Eurpoean Union it is time to reevaluate the financial commitment of each member of NATO specifically those NATO members who are in support of a European Union Army. I am skeptical that their commitments to such an army will be still able to fulfill the NATO agreements. Secondly it is unclear if NATO nations have fulfilled their financial agreements to the U.S and contributions to the alliance. NATO is not only a British, Canadian, and U.S effort. Additionally commitments to such an organization also may interfere with the actual security of the globe it is unreasonable to assume that what is always good for NATO is also always good for the world. Example putting Nukes in Turkey created a Nuclear Response from Russia upon which almost plunged the world into a nuclear conflict. While Russia's posturing contributed to this deployment, it doesn't help to know that an organization with multiple conflicted interests(I.E national interest is as effective at preventing war as the triple Entente was in World War I). Therefore we would still have to same problems of World War I expansive armies acting as checks and balances until one decides to push the pendulum. NATO still is not effective in this case. Or at least is as effective as the U.N

  • NATO is not relevant

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  • NATO Over yes

    NATO was formed in the Cold War and is now pretty much useless. There will still be fighting in the world. Plus the Soviet Union doesn't even exist anymore. This means that the essential purpose. Blah blah blah blah blah. You get the point now. See you later some day.

  • Not relevant because its not

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  • NATO has lost its way

    A clear mission statement or vision is required for any organization. NATO's is clearly stated in its title: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The countries in this organization are united by geography, climate, trade and security concerns relating to the Northern Atlantic Ocean.
    Except, of course, that NATO now includes a number of nations that are neither northern nor Atlantic, most notably Turkey. With the addition of these states, NATO has ceased to be a union and has instead become an expansion arm of the USA, reaching further and further beyond its original mandate. NATO now represents the expansionist vision of the USA and has such become a destabilizing influence, as seen in the plan to extend into landlocked European states such as Georgia and the Ukraine.
    The commonalities of the original partnership are gone. NATO has become a destabilizing influence. NATO is adrift and irrelevant.

  • NATO is the largest terrorist group in the world

    NATO started attacking countries that did not attack NATO members. Case-in-point: Serbia. And after the United States finished destroying Yugoslavia, it added Albania and Croatia to its ranks to make sure if anything happened in the region again, it would be legal this time. NATO shouldn't even be around anymore. The USSR and the Warsaw Pact are both gone. The US is using NATO for its imperialistic ideals. Kosovo isn't even a state for Serbs, Albanians, or whoever lives there. Its just a big US/NATO military base.

  • NATO is the last surviving relic of the Cold War.

    There is no Warsaw Pact anymore, so why is there NATO? As events in the Ukraine have tragically demonstrated, NATO has become a source of potential danger for the entire world. NATO's incessant push to the east is an attempt to reinstate a Berlin Wall that spans the entire western border of Russia. This has no place in a peaceful world. NATO is nothing more than the club wielded by capitalist sharks.

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