• Yes nature is the biggest threat to humans.

    Natural disasters, global warming, nuclear winter, wild carnivore animals eating everyone, people becoming uncivilized and living in nature without houses and eating each other; all of those are natural threats that people face. Fnf f f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f

  • No. Our greatest threat is the giraffe.

    All the giraffe do is take all our jobs, take our houses, over populate the cities, causing so much traffic, what's the point? Just move the intelligent humans like me to mars and nuke the rest of the planet, thus killing the giraffe. People complain about global warming and not even complain about the giraffe, that's when you know after each generation people are getting dumber.

  • This is some basic shit m8

    The only reason nature is so dangerous to humans is mostly caused by humans. We're to fucking stubborn to use better care about nature, and boom, global warming, oil spills, hurricanes, forest fires, contaminated supplies, destroyed habitats, smog, fucking sharknados, etc. THIS SENTENCE IS THE NINE WORDS I NEED LONG

  • No, humans are.

    Humans are a part of nature, but put themselves outside of it. As a result, consequences that range from pollution to extinction of species to chaotic changes in the climate can occur. Humans should stop looking at nature as an outside threat and instead learn to live in harmony with it.

  • Nature is not our biggest threat

    Nature is not our biggest threat. Rather, a HIllary Clinton presidency is. No, I am not trying to be funny. I can think of nothing as important as ensuring that this dishonest woman does not become president. She is unfit and unqualified to serve. Nature is just fine. Man is the problem.

  • No, nature is not our biggest threat

    Nature is not the biggest threat to humankind. Humankind is the biggest threat to humanity. People can cause more pain to others than nature could ever cause. Nature through weather causes storms which kill people. Humans cause the worst damage to humanity through wars and other acts of aggression. In the past century alone, more than fifty million people were slaughtered by wars.

  • No, mankind is the 'Earth's biggest threat'.

    I find it amazing that people put all their faith in the genius of scientists to find new resources and new ways to sustain life but when those same scientists try to warn them then they go deaf. Deep down these people are just cowards who cannot face the truth. why don`t we take a look at the underlying causes and sickness of our society that makes us in the western world make the wrong choices: the high value placed on having lots of material wealth at the expense of our own health and the health of our planet.

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