• Yes, Neptune is the most underestimated plantet.

    We do not know much about Neptune. This means that the possibilities are wide open. Without further study we will not know all the possibilities that this plantet has to offer. There are thousands of opportunities for study and research that can tell us what this plant is capable of.

  • The solar system is as complex as it is mysterious

    There is a lot of talk about Jupiter in the news lately, and the Juno Mission to orbit the planet. Before that, the world was fixated on Mars. Mars is a more accessible planet. Pictures can be taken on Mars, and the land formations may be examined. Explorers say that there is water on Mars. It is an exciting time. Naturally, scientists' thoughts turn to other planets as well. Mars has been reached and studied, so let's move on to the other planets. Neptune is the eight planet from the Sun, the most distant planet in the solar system. Facts about Neptune are known - that is has an active climate, that there are 14 moon. Only one spacecraft has flown past Neptune - that was in 1989. It is not a well-explored planet. There was also some speculation of its mass -- as being larger than Uranus. Scientists believe that another planet exists beyond Neptune orbiting Uranus.

  • Yes, Neptune is the most underestimated planet.

    Neptune could be considered the most underestimated planet by many. Pluto is well-known for being the furthest planet from the Sun; while Jupiter is the largest, and Mercury is closest to the Sun. There has also been a lot of interests in Earth's neighbor, Mars. However, Neptune is often left out by many in discussions about the Solar System.

  • Neptune is not the most underestimated planet

    Neptune is not the most underestimated planet. In fact, it could be argued that Mercury is more underestimated. While Neptune is a cool planet and worthy of praise, Mercury should be considered in higher esteem for the mere fact that such a rock so close to the sun continues to survive.

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