• Why argue when nothing in life matters?

    Fine, that headline was a bit drastic. I do believe that nihilism is a reasonable religion. We think that the possibility of infinity is impossible, also making some things impossible, limiting the possibilities. For example, if I gave you an apple and I told you that it could give you super powers you would say that was impossible, i was crazy or both. Our brains cannot comply to what we are told to be impossible. Yet, who gave the definition to definition? And impossible, infinity, beliefs, ect.

    So lets say there are no definitions, making there be no words. Impossible becomes possible because you are not told what can and cannot be reasonable hence there being no words. Infinity becomes possible. Great we are on the same page now. Lets continue.

    Because we live in an infinite universe no one will ever know how to get to the beginning of time. How did the world ever start then? Who knows, we will never know because we as humans put the word impossible to time traveling. Also if god existed how was he made? Randomly he said to himself " I will make god. I will make the world along with adam and eve ? "No because if we are going along with science there has to be a birth first before a animal can be born. Can cells create an entire species? The closes thing is synthetic cells creating life forms the easiest way. For an actual part of life there needs to be all natural cells creating beings.

    Synthetic cells :

    A good website to get more in depth of nihilism is

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