• Soon they're gone

    Nintendo is having a HUGE downfall in profit. The Wii U only had 7.3 million sales in its first month! With no Online Games and Nintendo being the only Merchant for their Consoles there is no competition so companies like Microsoft and Sony are doing much better than them! :D

  • Nintendo is Alive and well.

    Nintendo is not dying. Many love their Wii gaming consul. The mixture of being active and gaming is a great concept. Many group hold Nintendo Wii social tournaments with friends and family alike. It is my belief that if Nintendo keeps going along this path of active gaming it will be one step closer to any company coming out with a virtual reality game.

  • Ther is no doubt, it's dying.

    Nintendo has been a good company for years, giving us lovable games and characters. But the problem is that they can not compete with ther rivals such as Microsoft (the people who bought Xbox) and Sony. They have tried countless times, only to sell less consoles than its two main rivals. Nintendo may have been able to avoid this mess if they hadn't had stoped working with Sony to make a console that could project(?) 3D graphics, but decided to stop and leave in the hands of Sony, which then made the console that rose to fame and crushed Nintendo. Nintendo may not fully die, but may stop making consoles. So in my opinion, Nintendo is dying.

  • It is dying

    Nintendo has been a great company, entertaining people with loveable characters and games. But the problem is that they aren't being productive. The Nintendo Switch received lashback after release for multiple things such as audio glitches, freezing, scratches, etc. HECK they killed themselves by accidentally help make the PlayStation, back when they were working with Sony to help make a console with 3D graphics, but then abondoned the project and leaving Sony to care for it. So Nintendo killed themselves a LONG time ago, because there little accident caused one of the worlds most successful console to be made.

  • Nintendo is going to die

    Nintendo only focuses on the story and the fun of the game, rather than what people want: Online Gaming. When you think of Sony or Microsoft or PC Games, you hear these words: Framerate, 4k, and nothing else that people really want. Today gamers are only focused on those things, including ONLINE GAMING in which Nintendo doesn't have. At least they have smash bros.

  • Their Handheld systems are not up to standard

    Words arguments thing is would say to fill in space I have one myself and I love it but everyone else is saying they are bad and I'm a douche so I need to vent my peers' opinions online in my own words insert so many periods here it's ridiculous.

  • I believe it is a gradual decline. Nintendo will end up like sega they will cease to exist.

    Look around you a grew up playing the game boy and nintendo. In my day when you would a young boy or girlin the streets they had their little game boys. Today its smart phones and tablets. I tell my friends dude nintendo is dying they are like no nintendo is great. I ask them what console do you own at home they say PS4 or Xbox One. I ask them do you have a Wii U they say no. Enough said. The proof is in the putting.

  • Dying...? It's already dead

    Simple: it boils down to culture. Culture today is very gay. So are the video games being made. That's that. LOL you will never see anything as good as Super Mario, Jet Force Gemini, Super Metroid or Links Awakening. The culture is gone and we should just be lucky it existed at all. Want to have fun? By old games. Want to get gay? By new ones.

  • No even close...

    People say that nintendo is dying because of the fail of the Wii U. Let me remind you the only reason the Wii U is failing is because of the lack of launch titles. With all the new games coming out I'm sure the Wii U will grow and start making money. People will Buy a Wii U just for Super Smash bros. Also they have the 3DS and the 2DS making extra money for them so that they won't go out of business for a while. Let me remind you that Nintendo is the oldest video gaming company still making consoles. That is why Nintendo isn't dying.

  • No there no

    Definitely not one fail is not going to kill them, and the 3DS is such a success nintendo is losing very little money they have over 18 billion in the bank. I'm sure there going to be fine maybe a few more fails down the way they will end up like sega, but sega was in financial crisis with 3 fails in a row (sega cd, 32X, and Saturn) once the dreamcast sales started to tank they could not afford to keep it afloat and had to go into software or it would kill them.

  • Not even close but...

    Nintendo is nowhere near failing to any point of exiting the hardware arena like Sega did. They still have a powerful name in the industry, powerful IP's, and a domination of the handheld gaming market.

    Now, what they do have are some fundamental issues with direction. These issues and the way they handle them will affect their position in the industry for the next decade. First off, what I believe is that they have demoted their core gaming crowds to secondary and made their casual and young demographics a top priority. This is what I believe to be their biggest mistake. They put those demographics on a pedestal and merely keep their core crowds interested with a carrot on a stick. Whether in marketing or simply the way their network is set up, their casual and young demographics have been made first priority leaving their core demographics jumping through hoops just add a friend or send a message. They've established little care for their 3rd parties and compared to their competitors, have very little to offer outside of the usual Mario or Zelda titles. Microsoft and Sony have harvested a good amount of their core crowds. So no, Nintendo is not out, but they're despite even Smash and Zelda coming, I think they've left their core crowds to mostly dry. If they continue like this, they will struggle immensely in the next generation and Microsoft/Sony will eat up all of their remaining core gamers.

  • Will not ever, strongest it has been since the Wii

    I don't understand how this is even an argument. Nintendo is still in game, say to speak, and the Switch is the reason why. It has an infinite amount of success to come be it at E3, later years, or years to come. It can compete with its counterparts as fiercely as it did in the 90's with Sega. By no means is Nintendo dying.

  • Will not ever, strongest it has been since the Wii

    I don't understand how this is even an argument. Nintendo is still in game, say to speak, and the Switch is the reason why. It has an infinite amount of success to come be it at E3, later years, or years to come. It can compete with its counterparts as fiercely as it did in the 90's with Sega. By no means is Nintendo dying.


    O. M. G. Nintendo has probably released the best console EVER (as well as the best zelda EVER) which is PROOF that they'll be alive for a few more years. They sold about 3.06 MILLION switches in a few months!!! Also, have you heard of the new Zelda frenzy?? Breath of the wild sold about 1.49 MILLION COPIES!!! Nintendo is the best. They do have a little downfall, but are powering through. I think they'll live for a few years.

  • Nintendo is not dying! Or, maybe...

    The only reason people say Nintendo is dying because, of the Failing systems recently, which is, The Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo's Products dropped by 7% because of that. They tried to revive Nostalgic games and Virtual reality games which obviously didn't work. Even though they flunked and messed up, just at least try the games and not worry about the prices and the frame rate or, etc., you might find the game good. This is just mess up, like the Gamecube. And later on, they will reach to the top

  • The Nintendo switch

    The Nintendo switch will avenge the wii u so no Nintendo will do great beause of the Nintendo switch so nintendo wii live deos anyone else agree I hope you guys agree nintendo the bes even know they did bad with the wii u they wii live peace out ok

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, well a little.

    Even though the Nintendo switch sucks they need to come up with a virtual reality kind of thing because everybody likes that! Here are the problems. Released too late, crappy kickstand, lopsided joystick buttons, cartridges(I mean really?), not enough games, you will have to wait about 6 months for the good games to come out, way too much money!!!!!, extremely ugly, tiny controllers, battery life for the on the go tablet looking Thing is only 2 1/2 hours, no good games, just a total piece of junk!!! Even though this system is terrible that have some potential in the future! All i got to say is come on Nintendo step your game up! You made all of these amazing classic games! I believe in you! P.S make a PAC man game! And i speak for all of the Nintendo fans. Wii was awesome the rest was just a piece of crap! - Liam Holtzman, Greenville N.C

  • Most definitely not!

    I mean, come on, the only reason the Wii U flopped was because of the lack of third-party games. The Switch is out tomorrow, with Fifa 17 coming later this year and Skyrim at launch. And there have also been rumours about the biggest Super Smash Bros. Instalment to date.

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