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  • Yes, I believe noise pollution is a problem.

    I believe in some areas that noise pollution is a problem, any area with excessive noise pollution can negatively effect the standard of life of those that have to deal with it, I think that sensible laws and regulations need to be put in place that try to limit the amount of noise pollution.

  • Yes, noise pollution is a problem.

    Yes, noise pollution is definitely a problem. I think that with more and more people moving into communities and the population of cities becoming greater in numbers, noise pollution is only going to get worse. I think it is important that communities create ways to reduce some of the noise pollution.

  • Yes, it could be.

    Yes, of course it's a problem. But for no reason other than it keeps people up at night when they need to sleep. If parents and children can't get to sleep, they're going to be completely exhausted for their respective work or school days, and that slows productivity really badly.

  • Move to the Country

    Noise pollution isn't nearly as bad of a problem as air or water pollution. If noise pollution is such a big deal, then someone should move to the country. There are plenty of things that cause noise like trains, cars and airplanes. To get away from these things, people should move away from the noise pollution.

  • No, not for most people

    Noise pollution seems like a problem only for people who live in very urban areas. Where I live in the country it is very quiet at night and so, to me at least, noise pollution is not a problem for me. I do not have the experience of living in a city so I could not comment on that.

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