Is Norse mythology more detailed and fascinating than we give it credit?

  • Yes, historians have only just scratched the surface of the beautiful details of Norse mythology

    As most individuals know from the widely popular Marvel Comic series as well as the subsequent movies created thereafter, Thor and his Asgardian brethren are breathtaking to say the least. Just by mentioning the name "Thor" to most knowing individuals will spark a beautifully intricate debate over super powers and Norse mythology, even out of the perpetually distracted younger generation. If a mythology as ancient as Norse mythology can incite thoughful debate among a younger generation, then it deserves a high amount of credit.

  • Yes, Norse mythology is fascinating but often overlooked.

    Yes, Norse mythology is quite detailed and fascinating, but we tend to study Greek and Romany mythology almost exclusively in schools. Perhaps some Norse mythology can be introduced into classes, especially with a lot of people becoming more familiar through popular movies like Thor, which feature the Norse god of mischief.

  • Yes, it is.

    The Norse people had a fascinating, detailed mythology. Often the only thing that people remember about the Norse people are the Vikings and Viking funerals, but they had just as many myths and gods as the Greeks and Romans and used this tales to explain thier unique view of the world.

  • Yes it is

    Norse mythology may seem less detailed and interesting than Greek, Egyptian, Roman or Japanese, and it may be so, but it still deserves more credit than it gets. There a pretty interesting tales of gods and goddesses, the Valkryies, Odin and Loki the trickster. Also, giants, ice trolls and elves are part of the stories and myths.

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