• North Carolina's bill is racist

    North Carolina's voting bill is racist. A United States Appeals Court struck down the voter ID law. This was written by a Republican legislature to dampen traditionally Democratic voters who do not have access to obtaining a photo ID. Voter fraud, which the law ostensibly protects against, is not a problem in the state, as the court ruled.

  • Yes, North Carolina's voting bill is racist.

    Yes, North Carolina's voting bill requiring photo ID in order to vote is racist as well as ageist and discrimanatory to poor people, who are disproportionately the elderly and people of color. People do not realize how difficult it is to obtain a State-certified photo ID if you dont have the education, transportation or funds to go through the process. Those of us who have the resources (time, money, transportation, education) take it for granted.

  • Why is this even a question?

    Showing a ID is racist now? Like really?!?! How far are Liberals going to go. I'm pretty sure next they're going to come out and say ohhhhh existing is racist. Stop exhaling carbon monoxide you're oppressing me! Black people have been THOUGHT to use race as an excuse for not trying hard enough. It needs to END!

  • No, North Carolina's voting bill is not racist.

    No, North Carolina's voting bill is not necessarily racist. It does affect African American voters more than white voters, but it does not specifically target those people. It just happens to affect lower income people more than others, and African American people disproportionately make up the lower income group. It is not unreasonable to require a photo ID in the voting polls. One should be able to prove who they are in order to vote. If someone does not have a photo ID, it does not matter whether they are white, black, or Hispanic; the rules will affect them in the same way.

  • No, North Caronlina's voting bill is not racist.

    North Carolina's voting bill is not racist. The state government simply wants to ensure that its elections are legitimate, free of voter fraud. In doing so, the state wants to make sure that everyone voting is eligible to vote: no non-citizens voting. Furthermore, this bill strengthens the penalty against voter fraud, which could act to deter potential voting irregularities.

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