• Yes, North Korea banning sarcasm is the tipping point.

    While I'm unsure exactly how we are classifying "tipping point", I definitely feel that North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un appears completely ludicrous in his attempt to ban the country's citizens from using sarcasm in their daily conversations. How on earth would this so-called ban which even lists specific phrases ever be monitored or enforced?

  • Yes it is.

    North Korea is an opressive government that has been violating the human rights of it's citizens for many years. This latest rule is both rediculous and very hard to follow. It is sure to inspire the citizens to rise up and revolt and will attract the attention of many powerful people.

  • Yes, North Korea banning sarcasm is the tipping point.

    Yes, I believe that North Korea banning sarcasm is the tipping point. The limitations on individual freedoms in North Korea are terrifying and, frankly, very sad. For the North Korean government to control individual expression is inhumane. It is difficult to watch from a privileged position here in the United States.

  • No, Is he too dense, or cheese-stuffed, to realize that the cheering throngs that he commands to worship him are in fact being sarcastic?

    Ok...No sarcasm. But we're still good to go with parody, irony and satire, right? Why doesn't The Un and Only just outlaw speaking? That would be much simpler. Then he could go on to outlaw thinking. He could then have the monopoly on thinking. How happy they would all be in North Korea! (PS: that is meant to be sarcastic).

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