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  • North Korea's Image is the Same as Always

    North Korea has not changed its image because its leaders continues to threaten the US with nuclear disaster. This continues the image of North Koreans barbarianism in Western culture. However, the idea that North Korea will never actually drop a bomb on any other country because its leaders are only concerned with continuing their power over the other North Koreans. As long as China supports North Korea, North Korea will not have to support their challenges against the West.

  • North Korea is not changing its image

    North Korea is not changing its image. The country continues to make provocative statements that have increased tensions with the West, particularly South Korea and the United States. The latest call the United States out for holding military exercises. North Korea seems content to be isolated and egg on the rest of the world.

  • No, it is not.

    North Korea is trying to change its image, but nothing has really changed. The county is still being run by the same dictator. There is nothing positive about this change. If it does succeed in changing its image, all that will happen is that millions of people will be deceived.

  • No, North Korea is not changing its image

    North Korea carries the image of it leader, Kim Jong-un, as a dictator ruling a closed controlled country of oppressed people. The disturbing behavior of the dictator puts the country on the edge of war with his offensive military gestures. The country lacks the basic freedoms and human rights to make their choices about work and family.

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