• Nuclear Energy is Bad

    1. 57 nuclear accidents since 1986, averaging out to just over two nuclear accidents each year.
    2. 4,000 fatalities in the Chernobyl disaster.
    3. 600,000 people still suffering from the effects of Chernobyl.
    4. 8,015 overall deaths from the Kytshym disaster.
    5. 35 deaths from the Windscale fire.
    6. 181 other deaths from accidents in nuclear plants around the world.
    7. Nuclear explosions can permanently damage DNA.
    8. In 2011, 15 years after the Chernobyl disaster, wolf carcasses were tested for radiation and revealed that the wolves had extremely high levels of radiation. So high that they shouldn’t have been touched with bare human hands.
    9. Birth defects in wolves around Chernobyl have nearly doubled since 1986.
    10. The waste from nuclear power plants will be toxic to humans for 100,000 years after it is released.
    11. There are at least eight relatively easy ways to cause a nuclear meltdown. This is an easy act of terrorism.
    12. Living near a nuclear plant can increase the risk of childhood leukemia and other forms of cancer even if there is no meltdown.
    13. There are not enough sites safe from earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters to operate safe nuclear power plants.
    14. Even if there were enough feasible sites for nuclear plants, our uranium would be depleted in less than ten years.

  • Nuclear meltdowns can kill thousands

    If there's a nuclear melt down thousands of insistent people could die. Its a waste of money and time. It should not exist because we could easily use renewable energy sources like water or solar energy because nuclear energy is not renewable. It also creates bombs that can kill even more people.

  • Nuclear energy produces horrible wastes into our sea and atmosphere shrinking our ozone layer everyday of the year.

    If we want a better and brighter future for the next generation we better get started by lowering the use of nuclear energy and go the green way by using water to power cities and wind to power cars. Leaving now exhaust behind. So lets try to find more and better ways to power our nation.

  • Bad Idea ..

    Why would you want to use it? Its dangerous, harmful and people could use it to kill millions! I don't understand why people would actually want to use it when we have the sun. Think people! Just think.... We don't want another nuclear explosion! ~ Sincerely a worried citizen of the world.

  • It is bad

    It is bad because Is Nuclear energy a good thing or a bad thing? The answer in my oppion is simple. Nuclear energy is bad, it has some pluses but mostly it’s not a good way of getting energy. First of all when Nuclear energy is made it produces a waste which is toxic.

  • A half century of accidents has shown bad results

    You can improve the safety to make them 99.999% safe. However, on a long enough time line the probability increases of something terrible happening. I would think that between Chernobel and Fukishima would be all the evidence people need to stop using nuclear power. Why keep using it when we could get everything we need from the sun?

  • Steam not smoke

    Nuclear power is the most beneficial and efficient way to creat power. It does not harm the atmosphere because of the steam it lets off ( Not Smoke ) and it's radiation waste can be dealt with by setting it off in mountains / mine shafts safely and quickly. Nuclear power is even trusted by N.A.S.A. And the U.S. Navy by using it in our air craft carriers and the Mars rover.

  • Nuclear anything can cause permanent damage to nature and our ecosystem.

    Nuclear waste alone has to be properly managed and maintained in order to prevent spilling into the environment. It can cause permanent damage to an area or people within that area. Also the amount of power generated can and has backfired. An explosion from any plant creating said power can destroy numerous parts of a city and kill people.

  • Nuclear Power Plants are very dangerous for everyone not just the environment.

    The nuclear power plants can cause air pollution, which means appart from that it can cause acid rain which falls into the plants then the animals eat the plants and then we eat the animals which would cause us and the environment to be harmed. I mean everyone knows that Nuclear power plants are very dangerous for everyone. For example take

  • Nuclear waste Problem

    Yes, nuclear power plants emit very little if no known dangerous gases but until the point where it is producing energy, it does create equal or greater amounts of CO2.
    The process of generating energy is in the form if electricity not oil. This means that it will not reduce our dependency on middle east oil supplies. You must also not forget about the radioactive waste left over from the process(nuclear fission) and the disposal of the waste. Uranium 235's half-life is 704 billions years. Radiations given off by these substances cause cancers and other health problems for wildlife who's habitats are near the plant.

  • Nuclear power is bad

    While it's true we can benefits from nuclear, there are many risks of using it. For example, nuclear reactor can produce a waste, which will last for many years. Also if nuclear falls into the wrong hand, it could be used for malicious intents. Not to mention there are many reason why it's bad beside what I mentioned before.

  • Nuclear energy is good

    I think we should keep investing in Nuclear Power. Even though it can leak and produce ration. Only if it overheats! Nuclear power plants are very safe and protected. If a plan hits the Nuclear power plant it won’t break only the plan will be in pices.

    My first reason, is Nuclear power plants are one of the most cheapest energy secers. At first it can be expensive to build, but when done there one of the cheapest energy secers. The U.S. saves $12 billion dollars each year of energy cost just because of nuclear power.

    Nuclear power plants are very healthy to the planet.

  • Its harmful for all life

    Nuclear energy is extremely dangerous if you are even near a power plat. If you are exposed to it, it increases mortality rate. Also if there is a leak it does harm, not just marine life but all life near it. This is obviously not a good thing so my opinion is no. It is not good. We should use renewable resources.

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear power plants are a very efficient way of producing energy and could quite easily be the next world used power generating way. No is good and i am one hundred percent sure that no is good and yes is bad. \i am only saying this because or word count

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear power plants are a very efficient way of producing energy and could quite easily be the next world used power generating way. No is good and i am one hundred percent sure that no is good and yes is bad. \i am only saying this because or word count

  • Nuclear energy is not bad for the envionment

    Some of the nuclear energy is used in our daily life, so why would anybody want to harm anyone of end the earth in that madder, can you tell me that. For one you don't have to believe in my opinion but that just some a bunch of baloney use your mine people plz.

  • Nuclear power is good!

    Nuclear power is efficient- and has less air pollution and waste than burning fossil fuels. Nuclear energy could may be in the future become a sustainable energy source as uranium is replaced as it is mined. I believe it is good and the only problem is if there is a meltdown. 18% of energy at the moment is nuclear.

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