• Impeach the washington impostor ....Please

    I am so shocked as he faces us with his empty statements and meaningless speeches and lies, with his smug, "i'm in charge attitude". Many people in washington have power, to do the right thing, impeach his uselessness, and, or tell us the truth as to why that is not happening!!!! America and americans are waiting, after all washington is working for us!!!! We are getting tired of waiting!!!!

  • Yes, he panders to other countries.

    Yes, Obama is bad for America, because he is not proud to be an American. Obama has gone to other nations all over the world and has apologized for America. Obama has reduced American military capabilities. He keeps people dependent on food stamps and other welfare. Our country is not as strong as it was before he took office.

  • Obama Enslaves Americans

    Obama takes away our choices and forces us to pay for health insurance when some of us are healthy and don't ever need a doctor. Obama promotes laziness instead of hard work by giving a free handout to those that are perfectly capable of getting a job. Obama wants to reform immigration when these immigrants are clearly breaking the law by being here without going through the process as others have had to endure. Obama continues to spend money we don't have. Obama does not respect our forefathers and our countries values and beliefs as a whole.

  • Come on Obama

    Just as you can tell when your children are not telling the truth or something is wrong, Obama will say some of the strangest things. When asked about the IRS scandal he told reporters he heard about it just as they did, through the media. Put aside politics, Obama does not know what is happening within his own administration and clearly lies to all Americans, including the world.

  • Yes

    People will always be different in their needs. We have more values in common then we have to divide us. We love our homes,our family, and our country. We need a President that reinforces OUR values not our differences. A President that doesn't change our society in the middle of the night.

  • Stubborn, Immoral, and Unwise

    Obama is unwilling to compromise, mostly responsible for the huge national deficit we are facing right now, and thick-headed on social issues. I would impeach him in an instant. I want him out. I would rather have seen Hillary Clinton take office for presidency, but I have a lot of problems with both of them. Obama is stubborn, immoral, and unwise.

  • I think sadly, he may be.

    Although Obama may seem like a new breed of politician I do not necessarily think that is good for America. America doesn't need "change" or "hope" or other pretty words. Right now it needs a hero in the running. Someone who doesn't only say the right thing, but does it as well.

  • Obama hates america

    Obama hates America and he displays it in is words and body language. He doesn't hide his hate at all. He puts it out there in our faces. I worry about the supporters of obama more than i worry about him. One man's hatred of america doesn't matter, but if he can get millions to agree with him, then we have a national security problem. Obama is trying to ruin this country with debt and social unrest. He wants to take more from the producers and give it to the lazy looters. No country in human history has survived when they do that. And i believe that is obama's plan.

  • Obviously the worst "thing" ever to happen to america.

    It begins with him wanting to re-distribute the wealth. Hello, if you do not have money, it is because you can't manage it! He still believes that high taxation of the rich is the solution. If you over tax the rich, they simply spend less and their income does not support the economy as it could. Our deficit has gone nowhere but up and he has nothing to say for it. He sure can make pathetic political points.

  • America, we made a mistake in 2008

    Obama was not a good president. The amount of refugees he let in, Obamacare, illegal immigration, our national debt, the list goes on forever. So I'll start off with the basics. First of all, Obama obviously set out to screw us all over. He hates America. Let's get into the refugee crisis. Remember the Muslim that killed 4 Marines and 1 Sailor in Chattanooga? He was a refugee. How many Muslims tried to get Trump supporters and cops in trouble but failed? In Dearborn, Michigan, a Muslim woman tried to sue the Police Department because police officers tried to remove her hijab during a traffic stop and was arrested because she lied. A Muslim woman was arrested by the NYPD because she claimed Trump supporters assaulted her and lied. A Muslim college student was arrested and charged with vandalism and graffiti because he spray painted on his dorm room door things like "Muslim ban" and "sand n***er" and blamed it on Trump supporters but was arrested by Campus Police. See that? And I just got started. Let's move on to Obamacare. Basically, what Obama did with Obamacare did, was force Americans to buy horrible healthcare coverage for really high premiums and then financially penalize Americans who didn't buy it. Obamacare is too expensive for the average American and the entire Middle Class, and like I said before, it was horrible coverage. It also makes already confusing healthcare even more difficult to understand. Obamacare taxes even INCREASED 2.5 percent in 2016. It was already high enough, but by all means, make it even more expensive. Now for illegal immigration. Like as Trump says, lets build a wall! As we see, the Democrats and the Left don't like the idea. Probably because they are brainwashed by the liberal media and Obama. They just had 8 years of open borders, but now it's about to change. Obama tried to establish sanctuary cities in America, harboring illegal immigrants. Now Democratic Governors are so brainwashed by this idea, that they have come up with sanctuary states. So let's get into some basic facts about illegal immigrants and why they shouldn't be here and why we should ban and abolish sanctuary cities. 25% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens. 39% of human-made wild fires in Arizona were caused by illegal immigrants. Illegal Immigrant households are over twice as likely to use the welfare program than American citizen households. If you want a percentage, it's 62% against 30%. Many illegal immigrants carry diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease. Only 4% of Illegal Alien children apprehended by CPB are returned to their home country. More than 90% of the heroin supply in the U.S. comes from Hispanic traffickers across the border. Illegal Immigrants receive around $24,721 in government benefits but only pay around $10,334 in taxes. Illegal Immigrant crime has caused over 60 hospitals in California to close between 1993 and 2003 because illegal immigrant services are unpaid.

  • He is not.

    Obama is not bad for America. The only people that say he is bad for us are the ones who do not like him. He has started pulling out the troops from the wars that President Bush started and he has also made huge stride for the American people in the medical areas.

  • Obama is not bad for America.

    As the elected president of the United States, Obama is good for America. He has implemented a lot of positive changes for the country, such as affordable health care. He is also doing a good job dealing with a lot of difficult foreign policy decisions. Generally, Obama has been a good president.

  • Obama is just what we needed.

    Obama is good for America. This is not just my opinion, but that of the majority of the registered voters in 50 states over two national presidential elections. His major legacy will be Obamacare, a package of health care reform laws that have made access to medical services affordable to all Americans. He will go down in history as one of America's greatest leaders.

  • Not at all.

    Obama does have his share of controversies, but overall there is a really positive feeling that people have for him. He helped bring the economy back. He helped to get health care for people as well. He also has had great foreign policy success as well. i don't know if anyone else could have done better.

  • He's really not

    I get that he's the antichrist to some groups, but that's largely due to how divided the two sides are and unwilling to concede that the other side is ever okay in any circumstances. He means well and is capable of doing well if he had a body in congress that was willing to let him actually do anything, which he sadly does not.

  • No, Obama is like a breath of fresh air.

    Obama's biggest contribution as President is how he is encouraging different segments of our society to raise their voices on their own behalf. He has stimulated a much needed discussion in so many areas of social issues and economic ones as well. During the previous Bush administration it was all about government driven issues, and our society was just mute about our own lives and the issues important to us. It may seem as if Obama is rocking a lot of boats, and people who are afraid of change probably do not like it. But there are people who have waited for decades to see some social change in their direction, and I believe Obama gives them some hope.

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