• Yes, Obama is handling the police shootings in Dallas correctly

    Yes, Obama is handling the police shootings in Dallas correctly. He is the most qualified person to be handling these shootings. If it were Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the situation would have been made worse. Obama supports black lives and police lives. He is speaking out for both parties and solving issues with our government.

  • Obama handling situation well

    I believe that President Obama is handling the current state of police shootings in Dallas correctly. There is a worrisome sentiment across all of the United States right now but for the vast majority of people these fears will pass and hopefully a greater feeling of social inclusion will follow.

  • Yes, the police shootings in Dallas are a part of a larger urgent social problem related to a lack of equality.

    Yes, President Obama is showing leadership by expressing anger and sadness at the police shootings in Dallas. He is responding by calling for people to acknowledge their beliefs, understand their faults and work together to address fears of each other. He is also calling for people to consider empathy as a way to diffuse anger.

  • No he's not.

    5 innocent and unsuspecting cops dead, and the President stands over their graves and basically says they had it coming, even though it wasn't right. He talks about how much progress our country has made in race relations in the last few decades, and then follows up with how horrible it still is. Giving any level of justification to the perpetrator of this atrocity whatsoever is completely out of the question. And that's basically what Obama did, he stood there and outlined all the reasons why we as a society shouldn't be surprised at this kind of tragedy. I'm just shocked that he also didn't blame this incident on lax gun laws while he was at it.

  • Shames the officers.

    I don't know if he is doing it intentionally or if he is just playing along but of anyone, he should know.
    Look, if you watch the news, just about every time you turn around, a black person is killed by police and you almost never hear of a whiter person being killed by them. Seeing that white people outnumber blacks about 6 to 1 in the U.S. this would sound like these police shooting are race related (racism) because people who are such a minority are being killed by police at a much higher rate. If you just watch the media, I wouldn't blame you for assuming that for ever white person killed by police, 10, 20, or more are black. Problem is, the media only reports what makes more controversy. Suspected racism = controversy and even more because the claim is pointed at a police officer. What they don't report is the even more white people killed by police. Contrary to what you may think from the media, twice as many white people are killed by police than black. (1) Sure, you may think that this still means that black people are more of a target seeing that there are 6 times as many white people. That if the number was 6 to 1 whites killed, that would be even, right? Yet here is the thing. Statistically, black people are about 7 times more likely to commit murder. (2) If a black person is 7 times more likely to commit murder, it is fair to say that police would be engaged (being arrested, being questioned, etc) with police at about the same rate. If they are engaged with police 7 times more often, then why are white people being shot by them twice as often? If anything, police are deciding not to shoot people because they are black so there really is no reason to suspect that racism is the motive in black shootings.
    Personally, I can't really say why black people are more likely to commit homicide and I am not promoting any racial bias.
    This is the thing. Obviously, the president would know or at least have access to this data, so he should not be taking the position that the shooting by police are out of racism yet he does. This means that either he is somehow ignorant to the facts and just responds to what the media says or he knows this and is using the racism claims to his advantage.

    (note: change per million to total on page tab)
    (note: figure 18 page 11)

  • Obama couldn't handle the police shootings in Dallas any worse if you tried

    Obama is mishandling the police shootings in Dallas to the extent that I have never seen before. In his memorial speech here for two himself over 40 times. Demonstrating once again that any issue of the day is about him and no one else. He is shameless in how he politicizes these kinds of tragic events.

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