• He pauses much too long between words and breaks up sentences too much.

    I find gim very hard to listen too he pauses much longer than needed inbetween words and sentences. It sometimes feels like he is not prepared and is making it up on the spot that is how long his pauses take. Sometimes its hard to remember what the point of his words are because of how much it is broken up and how long it has taken to say. He is not fluid at all

  • Um uh uh

    Worst speaker ever. I can't get past um uh um well um. Absolutely dreadful. NPR even mentioned "the past few Presidents have edited out their ums". I would like to see a comparison of how many ums edited with this lawless President vs even W. I'm not a W fan boy either.

  • Obama's scripted speeches are effective, but that does not make him a great speaker.

    Good voice, solid presence, confidence -- these things help make a great speaker, but it's always the same delivery, after a while, a short while, I found myself disappointed. I studied interpreting and at the beginning, we were trying to figure out why he was "such a great speaker". In the end, I felt it came down to the speeches themselves, some of which I delivered myself in practice. The actual words are so very well crafted that delivering the speech was an emotional experience, but that does not make Obama himself a fabulous speaker.

  • Sounds uncertain and unconvincing

    Where do I begin? I, too, voted for Obama -- the alternatives were worse. But I do not understand how people consider him to be a great speaker. He has made some good speeches when they were written and rehearsed, but his press conferences are absolutely PAINFUL to listen to! He stumbles and hesitates, says "uh" after almost every sentence or phrase, sounds unsure of himself and unconvincing about what he is saying. I agree about the previous comment about fatigue -- great speakers are able to speak effectively even when fatigued. Obama looks fatigued much of the time and it shows in his speaking. It's surprising that one of our youngest and most physically fit Presidents looks so fatigued much of the time. It's a shame, since he showed so much promise. I still think that he ran too soon and should have waited until he had more experience. It now seems that he was not ready for the rigors of the Presidency.

  • His teleprompter is too.

    I never really thought he was a good speaker. His teleprompter is what does the job. If Obama can give a speech without looking at his teleprompter he could be. All he does is just move his hand and finger a certain way in every single speech he does. W. Was a better speaker.

  • Average not amazing

    Just because he's better than Bush doesn't make him a great public speaker. Rarely maintains a good tempo, and falters often, which takes away from his material. Compare him to Reagan or FDR and he falls far short, and although a general improvement from Bush, he's not nearly as funny.

  • He, puts commas, in the, wrong, places

    Every time I hear one of his speeches I am always surprised by how people say he is such a good speaker. He is constantly stopping and putting pauses in the wrong places. Not to mention that the reason why he always looks around the room is because he is following the words on the teleprompter. No Obama is not a great public speaker.

  • A good speaker is consitent without a sheet of paper

    Obama sometimes struggles in debates and interviews that are not pre-scripted. When pressured by a conservative station such as Fox, for example, he does a lot of stuttering and misspeaking. He also does not speak well when physically fatigued, something that all great speakers can do. Great speakers can talk the same with a sheet of paper, or when speaking extemperraneously.

  • Obama is overrated as a speaker

    He does have a great voice and a skilled delivery. However, without a telemprompter, he is not able to function. A skilled speaker would be able to come up with some answers "off the cuff". When not speaking from something that he rehearsed, he stumbles and pauses using phrases like "um" a lot.

  • No he is not overrated

    The President is what he is. Great speaker with inner belief that cannot be seen with the natural eyes. Also we must respect our President, whether you like him or not. This is the United States President Barack Obama. My President and hopefully your president with commitment to support Him with such times we are having.

  • Obama is not overrated as a speaker.

    Obama is a fantastic speaker. He demonstrates many, many qualities of what a talented, persuasive, and motivational speaker should be. His eloquence stands out, his articulation is near perfect, and his flow is excellent. This is all topped off by his voice, which is itself, strong and clear. He is a master of even the tiniest little gestures, such as when to pause, and what tone to take.

  • The best speaker in modern Politics

    Politics and opinions aside of President Obama, he is a fantastic speaker and any one who says anything different is either biased or quit silly. There are fewer presidents that have the level of pressure, expectation and scrutiny than Obama. He handles each press question on the podium or in an interview with perfection, even if you do not like the answer. Everything Obama says is recorded and thrown back in his face at any given chance, so there is little wonder Obama sometimes takes a second to give an answer or may pause during a question. No one on here can honestly tell me a better and more effective speaker in modern politics.

  • Not at All

    Barack Obama is many things: a liar with respect to the transparency of his administration, a fake pretending to care about civil rights, a hard-core drug warrior, a warmongering user of drones to murder innocent citizens abroad, and many other horrible things. But the man has talent as a public speaker and his words have caused people to ignore his horrific record.

  • I don't see how anyone can deny it.

    It's one of his strongest areas. Just look at the 2008 campaign. He was superb in the debates as well as his speeches. This year is no different. While it's true he didn't show up at first debate (probably because he hadn't done it 4 years while Romney had plenty of practice in the primaries), he kicked butt in the other two and his speeches are excellent.

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