• Converting Everyone to Muslim

    According to the Constitution, everyone has the freedom of speech. (First Amendment) Obama has the right to be Muslim, but he is trying to pass laws that will convert every one to Muslim. Did you know that he will won't even stand up for the Pledge Of Allegiance? Why do we even let him in the white house?

  • Yes and yes.

    In his first term, he seemed mediocre at best, but still in his second term, he's turned out to be a million times worse than bush, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton combined. He's quite literally that bad of a president that he makes me sick of him....... Nothing good has come from him and his fellow democrats.

  • Obama is a communist, elitist, pedantic, college professor with his head in the clouds of politically correct propaganda. He is a complete joke.

    He had become a caricature of himself and whenever he starts talking crickets begin chirping because he just bloviates in such a patronizing manner that it feels like you are in a college lecture listening to the liberal professor that has been sheltered by academia his entire life trying to tell you how the real world works when he has no clue and is living in his own politically correct fantasy world. All of his words and positions predictably intellectually dishonest.

  • Piece of shit

    Worse president in history of United States of America he has pretty much detroyed us and what more does America need before they finally open their eyes and see what he is doing to this beautiful country it's disgusting what he has done,take care of our vets before refugees that is a big slap in the face to our soldiers that fight for our country and put their lives on the line.

  • Affirmative Action President with no experience

    The guy cares more about icebergs melting than he does about the terrorists making threats to our country. He has made most america lives much more difficult and has advanced an agenda that seeks to help those who dont want to work. He should be removed before more harm can be done.

  • He made obama care

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  • Just a few reasons:

    1) Obama care has been a decimating blow to the middle class being able to afford healthcare. For them, healthcare has risen 300-1200%.
    2) Border criminals (illegal immigrants) have recently been proven to be a huge drain on the economy, though most rational people knew this anyway, and Obama has been encouraging this.
    3) Iran deal is rejected by most politicians and citizens, yet it will be enforced since Obama's will > American's best interest.
    4) All-time highs in number of American's dependent on middle and upper class for food stamps.
    5) Racial divide while difficult to objectively measure, is continuing to grow. Radicals like Al Sharpton is one of the most visited guests of the white house. Obama is quick to call a press conference to call attention to it, showing regularly poor judgment in the aftermath.

  • Terrible leader with Failing Policies

    He is a terrible leader. His foreign policy is a joke. ISIS, the "JV" team is winning in Iraq/Syria. Our allies in the middle east either don't like us or don't trust us. He has no clue what to do, which he essentially has admitted.

    The economy is stuck in neutral. People are making less money then they were 6-8 years ago. Redistribution doesn't work. Obamacare hasn't reduced the cost of healthcare. And, to make all that worse his judgment in terms of jumping inserting his opinions of various events without all the facts has shown to problematic. He views the U.S. as racist despite the fact we elected him. Ironically, he has been a bad Pres for all but especially blacks. Black employment and income numbers are far worse under his administration. One of the jobs of the Pres is t bring us together and he has divided us along racial and income lines.

  • He tells lies

    Divider,racist. Non american and he is a socialist or communist. Doesn't stand by constitution, makes excuses and blames others. He is evil and dangerous,,,pray he gets out of office very soon. He seems to love to degrade our country. He is a non christian. Doesn't want to use word Christmas and Hates christians

  • Epitomizes the ignorance of blacks

    What a dud. This bumbler shouldn't be dog catcher. All he does is read from a teleprompter that some pinkish author wrote for him. He is truly a total misfit and an absolute failure as a president of the usa, and should be impeached and removed from office at once

  • No he is not bad

    Obama has achieved many things you won't hear a republican say. He killed bin Laden. We have had 42 straight months of private sector job growth. He ended the war in Iraq which was a disaster. He is providing health care to 30 million Americans through the Affordable Care Act. Wall St. is doing better than ever. Finally, the stimulus got our economy back on its feet. Obama is doing a good job as president.

  • Already in a sticky situation

    Outside of obamacare, and maybe is anti gun support, there is really not alot wrong with him. The economy was already 16 trillion in debt when he took office, you can thank bush for a big chunk of that. He is pulling us out of war in afghanistan and iraq. And this whole PRISM thing is a result of Bush going nuts. The stocks are flying right now. And if congress would stop acting like a daycare for crying little babies whining when they have to share, we wouldnt have gone in that shutdown, which ps, didnt even stop obamacare. Moral of story, his presidency is OK, people just hate on him because America is so politicaly uneducated these days.

  • Green thumbs, Stupid answers.

    I've read many arguments for Obama being a terrible President. But, I just can't see any sound reasoning on why they think so. Many people who believe Obama is a "fascist" don't even understand the meaning of the word. Billionaires are paying pump fear into our heads, and it's working on most weak minded Americans. America is the ONLY country in the civilized world without universal healthcare for all citizens, and I think that is a terrible thing.

  • No. He's more center-right than the GOP gives him credit for.

    No, Obama is really not that bad. In fact, I think he's pretty good. I liked Mitt Romney's healthcare plan way back when Mitt Romney liked it. I was surprised to see that Obama made Romneycare his healthcare plan and then to see the GOP & even Mitt Romney denounce it. I think Obama has governed despite GOP filibusters in the Senate. The same GOP who doesn't like Obama also thought that Clinton was a terrible President, too. And they still haven't apologized for Bush II.

  • No, he is not that bad.

    Obama was faced with terrible circumstances when he took office; the economy was tanking, the country was fighting two wars, our allies were abandoning us, and Congress refused to compromise. Many of his short comings are a result of these circumstances and not a reflection on his ability as a leader.

  • Obama Is Not Bad

    Obama is actually a good person and President. You can tell that he is sincere and actually cares about this country. Unfortunately, he inherited a lot of problems when he entered the White House due to incompetence from the administration before him. If you consider the position he is in, Obama has done well as President.

  • Not at all!

    No, Obama is not bad at all. I believe he truly cares about the American people, and has conducted himself with leadership and dignity, even in the face of all odds. He is a reasonable, intelligent man who is also a good listener, who responds to situations in a timely way in a reasonable way. American is not the wild west. I think Obama is a very good president for these times.

  • No, Obama isn't that bad

    No, considering what Obama inherited he isn't that bad. He is often discredited for not performing a miracle his first year in office. He has fought to get unemployment extensions for those who were laid off and worked to end the war in Iraq. It will take more than a miracle to get the economy booming again. We have made some progress thanks to Obama.

  • An easy scapegoat

    Obama was put in as a patsy at a time when the global financial markets crashed. He was cynically hailed as a beacon of hope for minorities and people actually bought it. In reality Obama never had much control or agency during his time as president. Ergo he was not bad, just someone to fool the masses for long enough and then use as a scapegoat.

  • Where is your evidence?

    I read every comment against Obama, and none of them gave any actual evidence against him. The keep saying insults, or trying say he did things which I can't find solid evidence anywhere. He's Muslim? He's Sat down for the Pledge? He's Bin Laden? It's all BS, and sad. People who will vote for a guy who is gonna build a wall, incase Mexican don't know what ladders are. But hate a guy who killed Bin Laden. It really is sad. I can easily find evidence, from dozens of different sources, including people who are against him. If you are gonna say something, back it up.

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