• Why I agree with the Death Penaly

    Life imprisonment costs the taxpayers a lot of money. Having the death penalty would reduce the amount of cost on the taxpayers. I also support the idea that if a person commits an act of violence so heinous they do not deserve to share our planet with us any longer.

  • Yes, Obamacare is fading quickly.

    Yes, Obamacare is disintegrating at a slow but accelerating pace. It was an idea sprung out of idealistic dreaming. Then the endless haggling and tweaking that preceded the launch of Obamacare twisted the idea into a Frankenstein's monster that had little resemblance to the original idea. Now, more and more are recoiling from the monster and quietly revert to the old system that actually worked.

  • No, Obamacare's counterparts are shown as a working model in other parts of the world.

    In many parts of the world, standardized healthcare is simply a fact of life. In Canada, directly next door to the united states, people do not die because calling an ambulance is too expensive.In France, people do not let illnesses go untreated for so long they lead to death, This is only an awful fact of life in the United States. If Obamacare dies, a good chunk of the U.S. population will also die.

  • No, it is not.

    The affordable care act, otherwise known as Obamacare is not a perfect system, but it is much better than the system we had before and allows many people who did not have aces to health care access. That said, the survivabiltybof this program depends not only on who is elected President of the US but the other elected officials. And

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