Is Occupy Democrats stupid? I think so, and real Democrats are better and superior

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • These morons said that Scandinavia is the most happiest.

    Are these people idiots? A football comentator in Denmark in 2010, against Senegalese players, said they were "genetically violent" or something about how they were "savages playing a white man's sport," Denmark still has Greenland. They coined the words "butch" and created eugenics, and to this day they've never apologized.

    Occupy Democrats said Denmark is the happiest nation in the world hahahahahahhahaha Real funny. Real Democrats are superior. Obama laughs at you for a reason hahahahha

  • 1 1 1

    Occupy Democrats never ceases to amaze me with the amount of fallacies they post on a day to day basis. They even believe that Republicans generally have a lower IQ by about 20 points below national average. Talk about desperately trying to feel superior to the winning team. It is okay to lose sometimes. By the way, I would rather have a low IQ than be an entitled elitist emotionally driven asshat that takes from those who work and gives it to those who don't.

  • Very Ridiculous Group

    Filled with emotionally driven MEMES and senseless drivel. Forget the facts, lets just launch all of these pictures out into social media that may or not be true and have no factual basis. Usually they just provide many complex question fallacies pointed solely at Republicans. It is a tactic commonly used by people who just simply want to win an argument without bringing the facts to the table. Probably just mad that Donald Trump will be President soon.

  • What are you talking about man?

    Occupy wallstreet was a valid movement, it brought to light the glaring social problems in American society, it highlighted how much the rich gained in the recession's recovery, and how little everyone else got back. I wouldn't consider myself a democrat at all, but I wouldn't say those who support the occupy movement are any stupider. Also, one racist soccer commentator doesn't make an entire subcontinent evil, or racist. And the United Kingdom still has many territories like the Falkland Islands, and the US still has Puerto Rico, Guam and Samoa, so Denmark isn't the only country who still has colonial baggage. You pretty much just made what could've been a valid question into a rant about inter-partisan inferiority, so that debate can't really take place anyway.

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