• He even confessed

    There is an interview with o.J. Where he confesses to the murders. He gives an account of the murders, sometimes slipping into first person! He also told his closest friend in prison, a guard, there are only two people who know who committed the murders me and who ever the person who was driving the bronco, the guard saw o.J. Looking in the mirror one time and he said your looking at the killer of nicole brown simpson, and oj had a weird response

  • Guilty ,maybe not

    If and only if the matérial évidence are real,the son did it theory may have legs somehow,but as the case stand ,hé is clearly guilty ,there is no other suspect,the previous violence by O.J on his wife,his tentative to flee,as i see it ,it was thé prosecution case to loose...

  • OJ Was As Guilty As The Earth Is Flat

    Oj had created a superteam of elite attorneys to defend him. In a criminal trial, the jury must vote unanimously to prove someone's guilt. If there is any hint of doubt that someone did not commit a crime, the person gets off without charges. This prevents false convictions. OJ was guilty, and went to prison on separate charges years later.

  • He is Gulity

    I think he is gulity because he said the day he was suppose to turn himself in instead he wanted to kill himself in Kim Kardashian room and the same gloves that his wife bought him those were the gloves he were doing his trail. Also more white people think he did because his wife was white and black people think he didn't because he's black.

  • He is Gulity

    I think he is gulity because he said the day he was suppose to turn himself in instead he wanted to kill himself in Kim Kardashian room and the same gloves that his wife bought him those were the gloves he were doing his trail. Also more white people think he did because his wife was white and black people think he didn't because he's black.

  • He Is Guilty

    * OJ had a history of violent behavior
    * The timeline that the prosecutors created showed that he had time, and a motive
    * His, Ron, and Nicole's blood were all found inside of the white bronco parked outside of his home.
    * When he was supposed to turn himself into the police, he instead sent the police on a wild goose chase, threatening to shoot himself in the process.
    * After being incarcerated, the police found $8,000 in cash, clothing, family photos, a passport, a fake mustache, and a loaded gun inside of the white Bronco from the chase.
    * OJ threatened to kill himself in Kim Kardashian's bedroom the day he was supposed to turn himself in.
    * OJ left a Last Will and Testament prior to the suicide attempts.
    * The prosecutors found statements showing that Nicole had purchased those gloves for him.
    * The hair sampled collected matched those found at the crime scene.
    * OJ came in contact with the police of the time during the police chase apologizing, and telling them that he deserves to be with Nicole.
    * The shoe prints found at the crime scene matched a pair of shoes that OJ told the police that he didn't own. (he did)

  • It's Gotta be True

    *OJ had a history of domestic violence with his wife.
    *OJ's blood was found with Nicole and Goldman's at the scene of the crime, in/on the bronco, and at his house.
    *They were OJ's gloves, Nicole had bought them for him, and he was photographed wearing them.
    *The defense never truly disproved the prosecution's evidence, but rather swerved attention away from it.
    *OJ's hair was a match.
    *Even his best friend, who was his lawyer, believed he did it.
    *Nicole left evidence of OJ's abusive behavior, suggesting she expected this to happen.
    *There were no other suspects.
    *The main reason he was sentenced to being not guilty was because he was explained to have been "framed" by the defense, but the cop that "framed" him was shown to be racist (he did lie about using the n-word though) was proven to have explained it via tape recording, however he was reading a script. Of course, everything he said on said tape was absolutely horrific, however they were not his words, rather words written for him to read.

  • Yes, the case was poorly handled.

    At every stage of this case, evidence was mishandled. Cops planted additional evidence when they were not sure they had what they needed for a conviction. The prosecution was disorganized and did not make their case. In the end, they attempted to frame a guilty man. His lawyer was able to show a set up and he got away with it.

  • Yes, OJ Simpson is guilty of murder.

    OJ Simpson is most likely the killer of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Simpson had a history of domestic violence during his marriage to Brown. DNA from the crime scene, and from his home and Bronco, linked him to the murders. It has also been reported that Simpson failed a lie detector test administered at the request of his attorneys.

  • OJ Simpson is guilty of murder.

    I am under the opinion that OJ Simpson is guilty of murder. The technology possessed in the present allows investigators to more fully understand the evidence. The advancements have lead to evidence that clearly points to the guilt of OJ Simpson. He should have to pay the penalty for his crime just as any other murderer would have to do.

  • I think his son did it.

    His son wrote about dark ways he was feeling in journals and about Nicole. He wrote about his obsession with knives. He attacked his former girlfriend with a knife. He had a storage locker and the journals and a knife that fits the injuries perfect were found there. He has been diagnosed as so mentally ill that if he were ever charged, he could not be held accountable for his murderous actions legally.

    Nicole, a party friend/step mom, embarrassed him at his new job that night. His time card from that day is the only day it was hand written in instead of a computer assuring accurate times. A witness saw 2 people in the bronco that night.

    I believe OJ had a part in either the scuffle and/or the aftermath. But I don't believe OJ was the one to use the knife to leave that bloody scene. The male victim was a black belt in martial arts and the autopsy showed that a very violent fight took place before he was murdered. OJ would have had many more serious injuries from a fight with a black belt martial artist.

    I believe OJ was there and played a part. But I do not believe we have, nor will we ever have, the full and complete truth about that night. I think OJ saw that the love of his life was gone, taken from him, dead. And realized all he had left was his family and went to any lengths to save his son from ever being found out. He was an absentee father for his older children's lives and he felt overwhelming guilt on top of overwhelming loss of the love he woke up hoping to fix. He lost his reason to live so he "saved his son" by taking the fall. Because he didn't feel like he had anything to lose. And the sociopath in him needed to be a savior and led him to believe that, because he was the beloved OJ, he would never be sent to prison or found guilty by his "peers (fans in his head)."

  • The courts have said he is not

    There may be a lot of speculation about the bountiful evidence against him, but the courts and a jury of his peers have deemed him to be not guilty. This is the way the justice system works, so no matter how much anyone doubts his innocence, he is technically an innocent man.

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