• Yes, the case was poorly handled.

    At every stage of this case, evidence was mishandled. Cops planted additional evidence when they were not sure they had what they needed for a conviction. The prosecution was disorganized and did not make their case. In the end, they attempted to frame a guilty man. His lawyer was able to show a set up and he got away with it.

  • Yes, OJ Simpson is guilty of murder.

    OJ Simpson is most likely the killer of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Simpson had a history of domestic violence during his marriage to Brown. DNA from the crime scene, and from his home and Bronco, linked him to the murders. It has also been reported that Simpson failed a lie detector test administered at the request of his attorneys.

  • OJ Simpson is guilty of murder.

    I am under the opinion that OJ Simpson is guilty of murder. The technology possessed in the present allows investigators to more fully understand the evidence. The advancements have lead to evidence that clearly points to the guilt of OJ Simpson. He should have to pay the penalty for his crime just as any other murderer would have to do.

  • The courts have said he is not

    There may be a lot of speculation about the bountiful evidence against him, but the courts and a jury of his peers have deemed him to be not guilty. This is the way the justice system works, so no matter how much anyone doubts his innocence, he is technically an innocent man.

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