Is Online Learning as Good as Face-to-Face Learning?

  • Online Learning is an Alternative Forum that Provides Quality Learning Opportunities

    Online learning provides educational opportunities to those individuals who do not do well in a classroom setting or who could not otherwise attend class in person due to personal or career obligations. It is an alternative learning environment to that of classrooms, not an inferior one. Students use the same textbooks as those who learn in classroom face-to-face settings, and the instructors are educated in the fields they instruct.

  • Online learning is pointless

    Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world! It lays the foundation for our future. Learning and studying in school is an experience. We all have different ways of learning and taking in knowledge, but studying in school is something that is timeless and more effective than sitting in front of a computer. Being in a physical school helps interacting with teachers as well as students and it is essential to human growth and learning. Interaction and socializing is a form of education and cannot be mimicked through a screen on the computer. In online classes, there is no face to face interaction between the teachers and the students. There is no possible way for a teacher to tell if a student is paying attention to the concepts explained. While learning online, students can easily find distractions rather than paying attention. In addition to this, in online classes, it is extremely difficult to get your doubts answered. Not only this, but online learning result in straining of our eyes due to long hours of sitting in front of the screen. However, in a formal school, both students and teacher interact with each other. It is also possible for the teacher to tell if the students are paying attention. Learning in a formal school help you build your social skills as well.
    Learning in a real classroom can give students a chance to get their hands on activities. For example, chemistry students can get their hands on chemicals and by performing rather than watching a teacher do it on the screen…

  • You can get very distracted during online learning

    Some student can watch 2 hour videos on learning but not understand what they learned at the end.
    Study shows that If children don't learn how to concertrate & shut out distractions, they will have a much harder time succeeding in almost every area. Not many people are self-learners. Thank you

  • Online Learning Lacks Proper Physical Group Focus Lectures

    I do not believe online courses and learning is the equivalent of in class lectures and labs. There is a certain distance to a course when it is taught online. Teachers tend to not be as accessible or approachable as face-to-face encounters and subject material is not quite as clearly conveyed when not in person.

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