Is our masculinity or feminity more important than our human dignity?

Asked by: Doom30
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  • Fulfilling the masculinity of men and the feminity of women do more harm to our human dignity than also fulfilling it.

    There are many men in jail because of doing crimes in order to fulfill their masculinity and there many women in prostitution in order to fulfill their feminity. Their are some people who just fulfill their capabilities for the good of others. Modesty is a positive trait of masculinity and immodesty is a negative trait of feminity. Men's clothes are modest and women's clothes are immodest, unisex clothes are modest. I believe there should be neutrality, combined positive traits of masculinity and femininity. Fulfilling neutrality will fulfill human dignity. Gender cannot be change completely but our hobbits can be neutral, men and women will be still different in their voice tones and body types, roles are biological based.

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