• Yes, our voting system is rigged.

    Each vote does not count. This is because in America the "popular vote" doesn't determine who wins the Presidential election. Instead, delegates are chosen to cast their votes. Only delegate votes officially count towards the election. Delegates get to decide which candidate they will vote for regardless of what the people actually prefer. Typically delegates vote alongside the popular vote within their district but not always.

  • Yes, it seems that our voting system is rigged

    It seems that our voting system is rigged. The richest candidates always seem to find a way to win votes. It seems that poorer voters are discouraged from voting a lot of the time, making it difficult for the voting system to seem fair. It is difficult to tell if it is rigged or not, but it certainly seems that way from reading some things in the news.

  • Our voting system is not rigged

    Our voting system is not rigged. This is a fairly lame excuse for not getting the result that one wants. Voting rules, like them or not, are in place. They don't benefit one candidate or another. The rules apply to each candidate equally. Could the rules be reformed to work better? Of course.

  • Our voting system isn't rigged

    People have been howling for a long time about how the voting system is set up to favor one party over another. The latest of these accusations has come from Donald Trump, who complained that he is unfairly served by the Republican Party's process for voting. It seems, though, that whichever party is on the outs is always the first to complain about a "rigged" system. Therefore, the complaints about voting system favoritism should not be believed.

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