Is owning a firearm more of a privilege than a right?

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  • If it needs a law to allow it, it is, by definition, a privilege.

    If a concept or liberty requires a law to enable it, the it is, by definiton, a privilege. A RIGHT is something that you, by simply existing, are allowed to do - breathe, sleep, eat, sneeze, convert matter to energy, etc.
    The ammendment supporting the bearing of arms creates a law allowing an armed citizenry but the possession of a firearm is NOT necessary to live.
    A RIGHT is what you have to do... The things that can't be infringed because they are necessary to your existence. Firearms are not, in any way necessary.

    In fact, the ammendment specifies "an armed militia"... Which means that all the guns in ay given state should be lodged with and locked up under the control of that state's militia quartermaster.

    Time to end the stupidity. Obey the law you so vehemently scream about. Put your firearms in the hands of the rightful controller of the local militia.

  • It says so in the name.

    The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

    The Bill of RIGHTS is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

    The Bill of R-I-G-H-T-S is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

    The Bill of....


  • We Live by Mistakes

    I myself am a responsible gun owner. I love my second amendment rights but I know they can be taken away. So, I try to teach my peers to be responsible with a gun. Then there are the dummies in this world that cant get their act right. These are the people who screw things up for everyone else, and end in harsh consequences. I believe that in order to keep society going, we need to move as fast as our slowest person. We cant drive as fast as we want anymore because someone HAD to run over a family. In order to retain order, order has to be placed.

  • Owning a gun is a privilege, using a gun is a right

    If we limit the amount of guns in circulation, more people will be less inclined to use the gun in a school shooting for example. We need to stop this political circus, come with me fellow americans, as we vote for donald j trump in this next election! America america

  • Owning Such a Powerful Weapon is Not a Privilage

    As mentioned above, things like clean drinking water and defending one's self are intrinsic human rights. Owning firearms is an obsession for some. I certainly think that the "right" to own a firearm should be an earned privilege, and that the qualifications should include thorough background checks, psychological testing, and mandatory safety training. Possibly even a license. If a driver's license is considered a privilege, a firearm should be as well.

  • Access to drinking water is a RIGHT.

    Freedom to live your life free of harassment is a RIGHT.
    Freedom to believe or disregard a religion is a RIGHT.
    ETC, ETC, ETC....

    Owning a gun shouldn't even be comparable to ACTUAL rights.

    Owning a handgun to protect your home - I can see the need if you live in a dodgy area. Owning an entire arsenal of high power weapons is just penile compensation. And I'd get rid of 'em yesterday.

  • Guns ownership leads to excess

    Indeed, involuntary accidents happen quickly because og the fact that the events are not always controlled. A bullet can be shot quickly and leads to serious injury or death just by simple defense while the shooter did not think to do that. Furthermore, the weapons can be used as a defense but as easily as attack and therefore it should not be allowed to own one.

  • It is a Privilege Only, Never a Right:

    Owning a gun for self defense is actually ignorance, since the majority of times, that weapon will end up shooting themselves or accidentally killing somebody in their own family. Statistics hide self inflicted injuries and how many times burglars find the weapon before the owners do and if they lock it into a gun safe, the will not get to it in time to actually use it for defense.
    People are just too damn stupid to realize that by having a gun in the house, they are actually increasing their own risk of being shot.
    Though the gun toting Americans appear to be as unintelligent as their bible toting loony Christian counterparts.
    Gun ownership appears to be a religion in the US and both are equally low in the Intelligence stakes. Way too dumb to see Rational Reason!

  • It may be a constitutional right, but not a human right

    The way I see it, owning a firearm is more of a privilege. What matters how you intend to use it. From a political perspective, bearing arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but that does not qualify it as an inherent human right. Self-defense is an innate human right.

  • Bearing arms may be a constitutional right, but it is not intrinsic

    The way I see it, owning a firearm is more of a privilege than a right. From a political perspective, owning a gun or guns is a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but that does not qualify it to be an inherent human right. Self-defense is an innate human right.

  • For responsible people

    I think it's a right for RESPONSIBLE people. There are millions of gun owners everyday that do good and hurt no one. FBI.Gov shows that 70% of gun violence is gang related. Why aren't we focusing on them and the violence in Chicago? All law makers have been doing is attacking american citizens. It's ridiculous.

  • Why is owning guns a constitutional right?

    The second amendment exists for a reason. Is that reason so that people can go hunting? Is it so that they can go shooting for fun? The answer is no. The second amendment exists so that Americans can overthrow their government when it crosses lines. A good example of this is what just recently happened in Nevada. While I believe that the ranchers are a bunch of idiots who need to pay their taxes, they thought that the federal government had gotten too out of touch with them (the people) and had started trampling their rights. So when the Feds came to arrest them, they met an organized, armed militia. The government backed down and we later learned that the ranchers were all stupid racists too. However these people wanted to protect their rights, had weapons, and even though they didn't want to kill anybody (which they didn't) they were willing to do so. I don't believe that our government is nearly intrusive enough to need to be overthrown, not even close. But in 50 years it might, and the people need a way to stop that. Here is an example of that. In the 1700s a centralized monarchy forgot about the rights of a bunch of people that lived far away from them. These people got mad and decided to rebel. The first thing the monarchy did was try to seize stored weapons in a place called Concord. The United States of America was built on the right to protect your rights to the death. And it should stay that way.

  • In America owning a gun is a constitutional right.

    In America we have a thing called the second amendment. This amendment allows individuals to own guns in order to defend our selves from tyranny. In other countries that don't have a second amendment people still deserve the right to defend them selves. Self defense is a human right. In these other countries with out a second amendment maybe you could argue that it's more of a privilege than right but in America it's a straight out right.

  • The 2nd Amendment.

    Is this really a question? Americans, read the Bill of Rights!
    They are ALL important!
    The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.[1][2][3][4] The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right belongs to individuals,[5][6] while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.[7] State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights.

  • What is a right?

    A right can not require someone else to take an action. If I have a "right" to water, and if that necessitates someone else getting me water, it is NOT a right. It is instead a preference that I am willing to demand by force. A "right" has more to do with something we all ought to be able to do. We all ought to be able to have a gay partner, a Bible, a gun, listen to NPR or FAUX, and a bunch of other stuff. "Rights" have more to do with not initiating violence against someone because they make a particular choice. A privilege implies it has been granted by someone. Like a right, it does not seem that anyone should be able to grant or deny another person the right to own a car, Bible, gun or gay novel. Folks with different world views might think one of these things is more dangerous than the others, but I believe it is wrong for that person to gather 51% of us and force the minority to comply.

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